Cosmic art and design ideas for kids’ room

The universe filled with planets, orbiting around the sun, stars, sun, and asteroids is a magical world, out of the world. Therefore, if your kid has an interest in the cosmic world, it’s quite understandable. To surprise your space-obsessed child, you can create a space-themed room for them, and trust us, they will thank you for this. Here are some ideas to convert your kid’s ordinary room into a space-themed room. 

Starry night

Stars occupy a space in every kid’s life and so they can be hung on the ceilings or walls to create a cosmic look. You can also choose the star-printed bedsheets for your kid’s room. Stars on the ceiling that glow in the darkness also help them to imagine the galaxy at night. You can even choose a glow-in-dark stars theme for the night lamps. 

Utilize the largest wall of the room

Be it a hand-drawn wallpaper or a LED-backlit moon wallpaper, when you are decorating a space-themed room for your kid don’t forget to utilize that largest wall that has no window. Remember that particular wall will dominate the look of the entire room so make good use of it. Either stick a wallpaper of the entire galaxy which glows in dark or if you want an affordable picture then hire a good artist who shall draw the galaxy on that wall. A celestial mural with a huge moon will also change the overall get-up of the room. 

Astronomers’ paradise

If your champ is obsessed with space, why not bring them a telescope and make it a statement piece of your child’s galaxy-themed bedroom? Bringing a telescope home will not just be a perfect piece of art in your kid’s room, but it will also nurture the creative brain of your little astronomer as soon as they grow up and start observing the night sky.  

Colors of universe

Along with the above ideas of outer space artworks, try using the colors of the universe in the room. Navy blue, white, and orange or red are the basic colors of the universe. Try to circulate these colors in the cosmic-themed room with your child. This will also give the feel of the galaxy to your champion. Along with orange or blue bedsheet, grab star-shaped cushions or rocket-printed pillow covers for them.

Hang the cosmic elements 

Hang the elements of the universe on the ceiling of the room. If you want to create a real galaxy in your kids’ room, then find out the elements of the galaxy and hang them on the entire ceiling of the space-themed room. If possible, buy those products that glow in the dark. Hanging the 8 planets, stars, moon and others on the ceiling will give the exact feeling of the universe to your kid. You can also make the elements with the DIY methods if you are a craft pro. 

Galaxy laser lights 

It can prove to be the best option for you if you want a space-themed room for your child yet don’t want to commit to the whole decorating scheme. Investing in galaxy laser lights needs the least effort to make your kid’s bedroom the cosmic universe. It’s just one push of a button, and the room is filled with galaxies and stars that shall take them to another universe without any mess up or effort from your side.

You can never go wrong with a galaxy room decor for your kid. It’s versatile and gender neutral, which will help your child to imagine and shall also create their fascination for science and space.

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