Critical Features of Top Presentation Software

Changing business requirements and technology has led to several offices establishing dynamic and unique presentations. Currently, presentation software is one of the intuitive strategies you can use to run webinars, share your screen, pitch decks, design presentation, and visualize data.

Most presentation software is designed to help a presenter instead of guiding a user through the content experience. Since most static presentation software is developer-centric, one can get a supplementary guide of functionality that highlights speaker notes. Although every presentation software will have certain unique features, below are some of the standard features you can consider when selecting the best software.

Analytics and tracking

Tracking and analytics include some of the most advanced features, some with presentation software, which you can benefit from. In some cases, organizations might opt to undertake separate tracking and analytics from a software platform to design presentations. You can gain numerous benefits if you decide to use the option of separate delivery. The features of famous presentation delivery platforms include easy integration with other devices, cloud storage, and tracking views.

Font and templates

When selecting presentation software, you need to consider its fonts and templates. It can be distracting to have templates that are too cluttered or outdated. Fortunately, you can fully transform your audience’s experience using a presentation with updated, modern, and clean templates. 

Typography and fonts have substantial subconscious impacts on how people perceive certain aspects. In particular, slides appear in text boxes for images, headings, and other suggested content. When designing your content for presentation, you have the option of selecting a background color or theme which remains consistent in all slides.


You need to consider how well users can access all the required features from any device they might be using. For instance, you can plan to demonstrate your presentation on a screen, or the audience can follow it on their laptops or tablets. The need for slide presentation software that works on all platforms explains why most people opt to use PowerPoint. Currently, most people have installed PowerPoint on their devices, making it easier to share and deliver presentations. Apart from that, you need to consider whether the version of software of the audience supports your presentation and how they can use it differently according to their version.


Using presentation software can offer a channel where you can share your experience with the audience. For instance, slides presentation software with cloud-based access can enable you to display slides from any part of this world, provided you have an internet connection. Also, getting software with real-time co-authoring can ensure that you share your presentation with other people and get feedback or ask questions.

Help features

The help feature will ensure that you have an easier process of designing your presentation. The help features might include one that enables you to ask a question during the design process and get the required answers quickly. For instance, if you want to include a certain type of image, you need to consider software that can offer the options as a drop-down.

Ease of use

When choosing new software, you might be blinded by sophisticated features to the extent that you do not consider it user-friendly. Although you might want advanced features which ensure you design the best presentation, you will not want to have advanced ones such that users cannot easily navigate through them. Therefore, when looking for new presentation software, you need to consider the users’ needs and how comfortable the employees will become. You will also consider such needs in delivering your presentation.

One of the best features to enhance your user experience is to scroll to other content within the same page. That means users should not leave the experience, but they need to scroll to get more. Therefore, having in-page scrolling features will enable you to develop multi-dimensional components such as group images to establish an interactive gallery such as an employee directory with photographs of every person.

Getting the best software can enable you to choose from an assortment of graphs, animations, videos, images, font styles, text sizes, and colors to enhance the information you are presenting.

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