Cybersecurity in the Online Gaming Industry

Cyber security is the focus of interest in modern society due to the sudden expansion of the number of Internet users. Frequent cyberattacks and the damage they cause have consequences in the physical world as well, and therefore caring for this type of security cannot be viewed in isolation from real-world counterparts. The same applies to online casinos that meet thousands of users daily. For all of them, the question of cybersecurity in the online gambling industry should be answered the way they feel safe and secure while betting at casino sites. This is an important subject and a pillar on which the market stands, and which provides players the optimal gaming experience.

The Importance of Cybersecurity in Gambling

The global online gambling market depends on a complex string of interconnected features and technologies. More and more innovative operators now use hardware resources and software solutions housed on the infrastructure of service providers (cloud computing) or IoT to expand business efficiency. This is a huge step forward from traditional gaming and landline casinos where the floor guards kept you safe from petty thieves. Also, your wallet was physically there, next to you, so stealing money or a payment card from the holder was quite a task and almost always severely punished.

Things are now quite different, and casinos and sports betting sites often suffer from cyber attacks, instead of “classic” theft ways. More and more cybersecurity news are talking about betting and casinos where players were compromised.

Luckily, a number of online gambling realized the importance of keeping the place safe and sound. You can read reviews of the best secure online casino and gambling site where it is possible to play free of any worries. Their data security standard is definitely at the highest possible level and won’t make you suffer from attacks we’re about to show. Knowing what lurks somewhere on the Internet is the first thing that can keep casino enthusiasts trouble-free.

The Most Common Cybersecurity Threats

Despite various protection systems, an online gambling site can still be compromised. In these cases, we are talking about cybercrime, a crime that is committed in cyberspace. It includes all actions that are not allowed even in the “real” world. This type of embezzlement occurs in several forms, none of which are naive or to be underestimated. The most common forms are:

  • Viruses / Trojans – You can identify them by changes in your computer, pop-up messages, or changed or deleted files.
  • Spyware / Adware – Spyware is used to monitor or “spy” on your activities while playing casino games or betting. The adware installs windows and messages that pop up leading you to a shady reputation site. They usually occur together.
  • Ransomware – a slightly more serious form of compromised activity, where you lose control of your information, and a hacker asks for money to get them back.
  • Scareware – a user’s scam where he is convinced that his computer has been attacked by a virus, and he is advised to buy an antivirus program that does not exist at all.
  • Identity theft – often occurs as the next step for cybercriminals after data theft (“data leakage”), and the physical security of the person whose identity has been taken can be compromised. It is especially common through social networks in the form of account takeovers. This was one of the main reasons why the General Regulation on Personal Data Protection (GDPR) was introduced.
  • Phishing – Email scams where cybercriminals try to obtain confidential information from betting enthusiasts. They will be forced to share passwords, account numbers, usernames, credit card information, and the like. If this happens, remember not to share details with unknown sources. The payment card industry won’t be able to help so fast and it could be already late if you gave a number or password to someone you actually don’t know.

Data breaches like mentioned are also used for money laundering and see casinos as fertile ground thanks to the fact that a lot of credits and coins are wheeling and dealing there. Some other unwanted activities such as SQL injection or Distributed denial of service (DDoS) may also occur to prevent prudent casino customers from playing games and betting for money.

Now when we have learned more about issues that can jeopardize your gaming experience, let’s close the story with security measures that casinos are taking to prevent an attack or a data breach.

Cryptography is the Key for Improved Security

The term cryptology/cryptography sounds like it comes from the popular sci-fi Star Wars franchise, but it is very important in the safe operation of systems where the Internet is a natural environment. To many ordinary betting people, it may sound like a word from another world, but in reality, we meet it every day. Anyone who uses a mobile phone or computer uses the knowledge of cryptography in practice.

When we say “Internet” today, what do we think of first? Many will probably think of the various specific services and sites he often uses. For example, searching on Google, corresponding on Facebook, watching videos on Youtube. Playing games at online gambling sites too. And how many people sign up for the Internet? Most often via WiFi. Now imagine what it would be like if your neighbors in the building or guests at the next table in the cafe read and watched everything you search, write, or watch on the Internet, it would be enough just to “fly in the air”. You probably wouldn’t feel comfortable, you would lose your “virtual privacy”. Even the best gaming phone can suffer from such an attack.

Here comes the cryptography that protects the confidentiality of your communication using appropriate encryption. Moreover, some mechanisms allow your browser to check if Facebook is really Facebook and not a fake page made by the guy from the first floor who wants to cheat you and persuade you to write your password. This is how cyber-attacks can be prevented even before they start and you’ll get what you want from casinos – safety, security, and a chance to collect massive amounts of cash.


The smarter our environment (the more digitalization is represented), the more exposed it is to cyber-attacks. Therefore, everything we talked about here is now more than technology. It intertwines people, processes, governance issues, and relationships. Ensuring data security in online casino sites ensures confidentiality, integrity, availability, and reliability of both players and their financial records.

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