Data Scientists can find exciting work as a consultant

For some time now, we have been more aware than ever of data’s importance. Data plays such a key role in helping businesses and consumers alike to understand their intentions. From businesses using data to understand their audience to consumers using data to find out the real quality of a company, data has become a major trend in information seeking. That is why, today, many data scientists are taking their skills to the consultancy industry. Data consulting has become a major trend within the industry, and it is easy to see why.

Through platforms like Metric Labs, data analytics consulting has become a major part of how we understand data. With so many different ways to use data, from measuring online website performance to data about sales metrics, it pays to have someone who can provide consultancy expertise on the subject matter. Data scientists, then, are finding that their grasping of the figures is playing a role in opening up new career opportunities for them in the future.

Why, though? Why are data scientists able to find work as consultancy experts?

Whether analysing how a website is performing to using company data to build the perfect customer profile, why is this a rewarding career choice for so many?

Taking on new challenges

First off, a data analyst is someone who can fundamentally take the figures and turn them into a worthwhile observation. For someone who is used to working in one field of data, though, moving into a consultancy role in a new field is exciting. It is a new challenge. And as any data scientist knows, the challenge is the main part of the role that excites.

Being able to take on a whole new industry and to offer data-driven insight into an industry where data might not be so prevalently used is exciting. From that perspective, the new challenge alone is enough to drive some data scientists into consultancy roles.

Making the most of expertise

Another reason, though, is that data scientists are now seen as genuine experts. As opposed to simply being number-crunchers, decision makers in business understand the value of someone who can see the value in the figures. Therefore, companies today are much more willing to give a data scientist either decision making power or authority in some other way.

For data scientists who are used to simply being used as part of the project, being able to have their expertise respected is another primary reason.

Picking out the key findings is invaluable

Another reason is that in a consultancy role being able to find that 1% of valuable data amongst 99% of meaningless data is a key skill. It can be the difference between a company turning a profit, keeping a strong customer base, or closing down. Therefore, many data scientists know that their role in that business is invaluable. Today, data science allows someone to be a genuine difference maker in a massive company or a major industry.

Data science can be used in so many ways, from improving website metrics to turning a company’s entire direction around. Today, business owners want more than just the bare numbers; they want solutions and they want ideas. That is why, finally, data science is being viewed as a valuable industry to have a go-to consultant within.

The days of data being nothing more than a part of how a business progresses are over. Today? Data is among the most powerful resources a business can have. Data scientists know this and are leveraging their knowledge of data to make a huge difference to so many industries. This can only be a good thing for consumers and companies alike.

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