Different Ways to Play the Lottery Online

Believe it or not, lotto can be played different ways, and most of them are accessible on your smartphone via apps or websites. This brings a refreshing change for when you need to switch up from your usual routine.


Since its introduction in 1992, Powerball has become one of the most popular forms of lottery. Players get better odds at landing the big win compared to grand jackpots, but the cost of entry is a bit higher.

The jackpot numbers are determined by 5 white numbers and a final red ball, which may be re-arranged any way. Draws are done two times per week and are from 59 balls.

Powerball is played the whole world over- in Korea, you can get detailed information from 파워볼사이트.

Instant Scratch-Off Games

They’re superbly easy to play and yet provide the unmistakable thrill of winning big money. Thanks to technology, you can play this type of lotto game on the internet.

Tickets are cheap and encourage you to go ‘one more time’. The price ranges from small to huge payouts but not as big as grand jackpots. It’s fun, addictive and gives you something to pass time with.


Raffles are often played alongside main lotto. Here, numbers are randomly generated using a barrel and balls or online using number generators. You purchase tickets that have an assortment of numbers- when they align to the draw, you win!

Watching the raffle draw is entertaining, and it will certainly capture your attention when the first two numbers match your ticket.


Dailies are called as such because you can play them every day. Sometimes, lotto companies offer multiple times for even greater chances of winning.

The popular variants in dailies include Fantasy 5, Pick 4 and Pick 3. You ‘pick’ numbers and choose whether you want ‘box’ or ‘straight’.

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