Discover 10 Getting Ready Outfits from Shirts to Rompers and Dresses, your Bridesmaids will Fall in Love with and Never want to Take off.

You have the days counted down to the last minute, and you’re abuzz with all of the planning and putting everything together, but have you gotten your bridesmaid getting ready outfits yet? This adds to the fun part of your day, right before all of the seriousness begins. So, whether it will come as part of your bridal box or not, it’s time to think of what your favorite girls will be wearing when you are all getting ready.

There are so many options for getting ready outfits for bridesmaids. From bridal party button up shirts, to bridesmaid pajama sets. However, we have helped you out together s shortlist of the best to make your selection easier. Think of all the fun you will have, but also the photos you will take. With this at the back of your mind, it should be easy to find the set that your girls will not only approve of, but will give you a host of picture-perfect moments for the best mementos. So, while you are putting together your bachelorette parties and entertainment such as bachelorette party movies, don’t dare forget the bridesmaids getting ready outfits.

We have here a few that can help you along.


1.         Bridal Boxes

While planning your wedding, one thing you should have at the back of your mind is that a wedding subscription box can go a long way in helping you get just the right items. And this even includes your bridal party clothing. If you’re in need of bridesmaid getting ready outfits and accessories, get a bride subscription box. The miss to mrs bridal box, in particular, has it all, from kimono robes, bridal TShirts, hats, tote bags, along with other bridal swag and apparel.

Do not be left behind on complete bridal solution that is the bridal box subscriptions. Asides bridal apparel, they also include planners, wedding décor, and luxurious items that every bride to be needs. With the miss to mrs bride box, you will feel every bit the relaxed bride, and nothing will be left out of your wedding planning checklist. One subscription go help you every step of the way and provide all of your wedding essential needs, including a personalized bride getting ready outfit.

2.         Set of Silky Pajamas

A stylish and sophisticated look for your bridesmaids. These silky pajamas would be great as bridal party pajamas or getting ready bridesmaid outfits. Or even both, whichever you desire. Get a luxurious and comfortable set that your bridesmaids will fall in love with and never want to take off.

3.         Studio Rompers

If you’re looking to have some fun with your girls, consider studio rompers in your favorite colors, from classic black to red and pastel pink. These would be great for bridal party rompers, and even more fun for bridal getting ready wear instead of the traditional getting ready robe.

4.         Tie Dye Set

A tie dye set in paisley colors will definitely be outside the box, and something else to fall in love with and add to the fun. Your bridesmaids would no doubt enjoy getting in on what is one of the biggest trends these days. Cool and comfortable enough to be worn even after the wedding, what more could you ask for?

5.         Set of Monogram Button Down Shirts

Chic button-down dress shirts in matching colors, or each girl’s favorite colors. Personalize these with monograms for each bridesmaid. You will have the best and most loved bridesmaid getting ready shirts that can double as lounge shirts.

6.         Floral PJs Set

A set of floral pajamas is a great choice for your girls for a summer or spring wedding. Cute, chic, and fitting with the season. Floral patterned bridesmaid pajamas are a classic that will never go out of style and are loved by many.

7.         Pajama Short Set

Another great summer choice and much more fun than the former, are the pajama shorts. This option is cozy and flirty and spells fun in every single way. A plus if they are 100% cotton, and your girls can wear them many summers more after the wedding.

8.         Pajama Palm Tree Set

If you’re having a destination wedding, your girlfriends will love a beautiful pajama set featuring tropical palm trees. These will set the mood for a time of fun and celebration. Get into instant vacation mode when you bring out these beauties. Also great for a backyard-type event, all the fun without the destination.

9.         Mismatching Set

You don’t all have to match all the time. A mismatching set in different, beautiful pastel hues, will make each of your girls feel extra special. Even more so, if each attire is personalized with a monogram.

10.       Striped Shirt Dress

If you need a relaxed and carefree alternative to bridesmaid robes, shirt dresses could make a perfect choice. Stripes are beautiful for shirt dresses and pajamas, and they can either be matching or mismatched. Also, a great choice for a summer wedding.

With so many options for bridesmaid clothing, this trimmed-down list of our favorite will provide you with fun bridesmaid getting ready outfits your girls will love. Personalized outfits add an extra feature that makes them the perfect keepsakes and mementos from your wedding.

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