Enter a Fiery Inferno in these Dragon Themed Games

Your screen is set ablaze, as the potential jackpots are scorching and the excitement is at an all-time high. It can only mean one thing — slot games!

There are some fantastical Slots ready and waiting for you to play at an online casino. You could become the ultimate hero, battling dragons or working together with these mythical creatures to match symbols across the reels and bag yourself some juicy prizes.

These fire-breathing online Slots could see you walk away with a flaming jackpot — the question is, can you handle the heat? Let’s find out.

Dragon Champions

Grab your suit of armour and your mightiest sword, as you’ll have to battle a fearsome dragon to become the champion of this slot game. Whilst you’re swinging your sword, you’ll be sending the six reels spinning and there are a colossal 4.096 ways to win! So, throw down your gauntlet and get ready to match some slaying symbols.

You’ll be ready for battle once you’ve placed a minimum bet of just 0.40 credits — just make sure you have what it takes before you do so. To walk away victorious, you’ll have to match three or more symbols across the reels. And you could claim a reward of up to 400 times your initial bet.

There are a host of exciting features in this game, but one of the hottest and most lucrative is the ‘Dragonfire’ feature. This will enable you to harness the power of the formidable creatures, lighting up any symbol, which will then expand in four directions and increase the size of your wins.

Are you worthy enough to be named the Dragon Champion? Prove yourself and you could be handsomely rewarded.

Dragon’s Luck

Lady Luck step aside and make way for the ultimate bearer of luck — the dragon. These creatures not only wield unspeakable power, but could also provide you with some seriously good fortune in this Dragon’s Luck slot. With prizes worth up to 1,380 times your stake, you’ll want the dragon to be on your side to bag these massive wins.

The lower paying symbols in this game are the classic card icons (Ace, King, Queen, Jack and ten). The higher paying symbols come in the form of some traditional Chinese icons, such as:

  • The Dragon Coin
  • The Lotus Flower
  • The Ornate Doll
  • The Golden Koi Carp
  • The Golden 138 (jackpot icon)
  • A White Dragon
  • Golden Coins

The Dragon Coin symbol can appear to reveal a mystery icon. The icon that it uncovers could help you to win some prizes, but your fate is in the hands of the dragon. So, whether you walk away victorious or empty handed, it is solely up to him.

You could also find a Mega Coin, which can cover three reels on the board. It acts as the wild symbol, helping you to form winning combinations across the reels.

Still hungry for more? Well, this slot also has a random bonus that is triggered each time the White Dragon shows itself on the reels. When it graces you with its presence, it will set the reels alight and increase the value of all the prizes that you’ve already won!

So, harness the power of the dragon and combat the heat to potentially win some epic prizes.

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