Evolution Of online Games

Ever since their inception, slot machines have enjoyed a dominant position in the casino scenario. But the virtual online slots at Lottoland that we enjoy so much have had quite a journey.

For how long have the online slots been around?

Not very long. The history of slot games dates back to the late 19th century.

Charles August Fey made the first slot machine in 1894 and placed it in a local salon in 1895. Immediately, the massive hit proved that the slot machines were about to go places. Fey continued working on it and made Card Bell- the first three-reel slot, Liberty Bell- the first proper slot machine as we see today.

Soon, the competition began, and a lot of legal cases too sprang up, in conflict with the churches. This struggle also saw a novelty in marketing, and the slot machines were now promoted as chewing gum dispensers. They did not know that this step in the early 19th century would standardize the fruits and bars symbols.

Several attempts were made to prohibit gambling, but the world governments saw the tax revenue these machines could generate. As an opportunity for profit posed itself for the government, they started legalizing the slot machines. Innovations began, and finally, slot machines emerged as an integral part of the casinos.

The Electromechanical Slot Machine

Today, when we look at these dated machines, they seem to be pretty primitive. But they were all the rage in the middle of the 20th century. The electromagnetic slots introduced new means of payout like the three-coin multiplier.

There were no other significant changes, as the slot machine was still entirely mechanical. Pull the lever, spin the reels, bet on your luck to win!

Video Slots Machines

Trust us when we say this, the players were so used to the mechanical spin games, that they despised the video slot games. Slowly, with cable TV and films, these machines gained momentum and became famous.

In the 1980s, the first progressive jackpots slot game was available in Las Vegas. This actually paved the way for the digital revolution to make its space in slot games. By the end of the 20th century, gambling rules around the major countries were revised and made more relaxed.

But as always, new changes come in and take away the old entirely. With the coming of the internet in the early 2000s, slot games saw the ultimate evolution.

Online Slot Machines

As said, the single most grand evolution of slot games is the move to the online medium. There are no longer real games happening around machines. You can bet and gamble from the convenience of your own home, still making real money. The rapid development of technology in the modern age has replaced many land-based slot games.

With the recent global pandemic, more gamblers have shifted to the online slot games.

They have a number of benefits like:

  • Easy-to-bet
  • Simple payout options
  • Multiple games to choose from
  • Increased chances of winning
  • Quick support from the service team
  • Interactive playing with people from all over the world

These changes have been quicker than any other slot game evolutions ever. The journey traversed in a hundred years was almost doubled in the last two decades, with the significant incorporation of:

●      Advanced Graphics

Gone are the days when playing a slot game was all about putting a coin and spinning the reels. The groundbreaking online slot games like those of online slots at Lottoland are more immersive.

Each animation and slide is designed carefully to give the player a memorable experience, while gambling. They still spin the reels and wait for their luck to give them a treat. Only now, the skins and visuals are way better.

There are many fandom based skins as well – such as those of Game of Thrones and Marvel Comics. They feature high-quality graphics and also short clips from the original productions, central to the theme of the gameplay.

They keep the gaming experience fresh as new because now, the spin game is more than winning. It is the victory in every single game, in the grand affair of playing, and ultimately bagging the winning gamble.

●      Technological Innovations

All of the recent progress has been possible because of the growth of technology. But the most substantial changes were seen in 2012 when 3D gaming entered the mainstream slot games.

The Sushi Bar was the first open 3D online slot game. It proved to be a game-changer as other 3D slots also emerged. Most famous examples include Mamma Mia and More Gold Diggin’.

●      Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is the next massive change coming in slot gaming. In 2019, this began with a major release of Jack’s World, following the story of Jack and the Beanstalks. It is impressive how close attention has been paid to the storyline. The game is already rated as one of the best VR online casino games.

Even the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, has advocated that VR is the future of the world.

Now, the slot games are also catching up with this change. Many pioneering VR slot games are releasing every month, gaining immense popularity. Right now, there is no limitation to the imagination, as the present becomes history, and the future takes over.


With all of these modifications, slot games are really going places. But this is not the end. Online slots at Lottoland are continually being improved upon your suggestions and feedback. The world of slot games has always been progressive, and the story of its evolution will also continue.

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