Exciting Online Multiplayer Games to Play in 2020

Tired of playing last year’s online multiplayer games and looking for something new?

Thankfully, there’s a slew of new online multiplayer titles this 2020. Check them out below.

Online Casino Games

The amazing thing about betting games and gambling platforms is that they’re constantly evolving to meet the user’s demands and needs. süperbahis kayıt is one of the best sites you can try right now with great games to play with other players for fun or for money.

Gamers won’t lack multiplayer casino options to play with- either with friends or like-minded people. There are live dealers or virtual rooms where you play with immersive audio and realistic graphics.

Rainbox Six: Quarantine

Rainbow Six: Quarantine is the latest in the Rainbow Six franchise and features an entirely unique game experience. You and others attempt to push back a massive alien invasion that turns people into mutated monsters.

Gameplay is mostly co-op, which means you and a buddy can play together. The release date isn’t set yet, but you can bet that it will be a multiplayer online game to remember.

Cuphead Delicious Last Course

Cuphead was a fantastic first game in a retro-styled package. It was simple in that you faced off against a wave of boss fights. StudioMDHR recently announced a DLC for the game called Delicious Last Course. According to the news DLC contains a new island filled with goodies, weapons and of course, bosses. You’ll also get to play a new character.

Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft is a game best played with friends, and in Minecraft Dungeon, the premise stays the same. Instead of 3D view, you get an isometric dungeon crawler where you hack and slash mobs to get loot and better equipment. Multiplayer is done in 4-player coop, which means you can either play online or right there in the couch with four controllers and one TV.

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