Featured Influencer: Rigel Gemini (Rigel Cable)

Rigel Cable, known as the social media personality “Rigel Gemini”, is an American digital marketing professional. He has written for a variety of publications including Digital Commerce 360, Website Magazine, Huffington Post, Advertising Weekly Voice, and AlleyWatch, to name a few. With an impressive history of leading educational conversations, Cable wisely uses his public speaking platform to uplift and inform, impressing audiences nationwide.

Cable was a guest speaker at the Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition with John Varvatos in 2018. In 2019, he spoke about mobile web design at the Oracle Modern Customer Experience in Las Vegas. Cable’s sharp skill set and interest in technological advancements and trends offers immeasurable insight to those in his field, resulting in a continuation of invitations to conferences of stature.

Cable’s blend of cultural and artistic interests with business savvy and industry experience create the ultimate balance of sleek and smart. Cable graduated from Dartmouth and is an avid organizer for an array of causes that boost communities in need. Alongside his specialization in eCommerce, Cable’s most recent ambitions have led the influencer towards art exhibition curation, all well-received and often serving as fund-raisers for notable organizations.

Cable’s husband, Cameron Lee, who works as a realtor and visual artist, has co-produced these large group shows in past years. Often focusing on queer arts and culture, this collaborated form of event planning began in Los Angeles around 2017 and has continued with their move to Atlanta in 2018, garnering sponsorship from the likes of Lexus. Cable was invited to be an Ambassador for LA Fashion Week in 2016 and the following year was included on the “Ultimate List of LA Fashion Bloggers”. In 2018, Cable was honorably named one of “35 Under 35 Rising Stars of Madison Avenue” by Business Insider.

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