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Finding the Best Probiotics you can Take

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Finding the best probiotic is not an easy task. This is because there are a lot of products to pick from. There are different probiotic brands that offer different ingredients.

You need to understand the purpose of the probiotic you’re choosing and the form you want it in. This is because probiotics can be in powder form, liquid or even pills. The following are tips to help you find the best probiotics you can take.

Aim for Quality

Aiming for quality when it comes to shopping for probiotics is very important because this will determine if they will be efficient or not. For this reason, it’s better to go for the probiotic brand you trust.

Some brands may lie about the exact counts of bacteria in them or even list something on the label that is not inside the probiotic.

To avoid this, you should conduct extensive research on all the brands you’re considering for your probiotics and check the reviews from those who have purchased them. If the reviews are positive, you can go ahead.

Another way you can know the best quality brand for your probiotics is by consulting your health provider to advise on the best brands.

Count the Colony Forming Units (CFUs)

Another important factor to consider when buying your probiotics is to know the CFU count in that product. The Colony Forming Units tell the amount of bacteria you’ll be getting from each dose of the probiotics that you’re purchasing.

Various probiotics have different CFU counts depending on the condition you want to treat. The best probiotics have doses ranging from 1 to a Billion CFUs. If you get a dose with insufficient CFUs, you’re bound to get subpar results from your treatment.

For this reason, consulting your doctor is a viable choice: even many CFUs doesn’t mean that you’ll get better. You have to get the right amount that is proportional to what you’re treating.

Always read the Label

On the label of the probiotic is where the important information is. The details are;

  • Dose – This means the number of bacteria you’ll get from a dosage.
  • Storage – Make sure you store the probiotics exactly where the label suggests so that to avoid any damage or compromise.
  • Ingredients – Ensure that there are no ingredients you’re allergic to or poisonous ones.
  • Expiry date – Ensure that the probiotic is not expired.

It’s also important to ensure that the label bears the right name of the probiotic you need. The bacteria are given three names, so make sure that the three names contain the genus, species and strain.

After you’ve purchased a probiotic, it’s very important to know when to move on from it. Do not compare your recovery rate with somebody else too, and make sure you don’t quit your other medications just because you’re on a probiotic.

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