Five Tips to keep your cryptos safe

With the growing popularity and a sharp surge in prices, it is expected that the mega world of crypto will be subject to certain attacks, hacking, and breach of cyber security. Several scamsters are waiting to ward off money from the genuine investors who have put their hard-earned money and savings into a relatively new concept. Since the whole world of cryptos is virtual, it has become an easy target for hackers sitting at home wanting to mint money. It is always better to be safe than sorry as expert hackers can complete their tasks without leaving a trace of their digital footprints. Additionally, no authority or body would be responsible for the loss of assets – this is because cryptos are decentralized and unregulated.

Protect your assets

Due to the above reasons, it becomes important to protect your assets from the beginning. Since there would be no way to recover what you may lose, taking all the necessary precautions and safety measures would be of utmost importance. This starts from the first step itself wherein you have to decide upon a crypto exchange platform to use. Whether you are looking to buy Tron in India or any other crypto, ensure that you are using a reliable, safe, and trustworthy platform

Here are a few more tips that you could use to keep your cryptos safe from hackers and reap the desired benefits.

  1. The wallet – This is the place where all your digital assets would be stored. Imagine if the wallet were to be compromised, all the assets that you had gathered and paid for would be lost. Any coins like BTC or a Shiba Inu coin would be placed in these digital wallets after purchase. A cold wallet, which does not require the internet to be functional, would be a better bet as these are not prone to cyberattacks. These are also encrypted creating more security.
  2. Passwords – Your wallets and the cryptos that you buy can be accessed with a set of passwords (public and private keys) that would only be known to you. There are two points to remember when it comes to passwords – a) do not forget them and b) change them regularly. As silly as it sounds, people do tend to forget their passwords. This, in turn, would cause them to lose their assets. Secondly, changing your passwords regularly will make you less susceptible to hacking. You can also opt for two-factor authentication, if possible.
  3. Beware of scams – Scamsters are called scam ‘artists’ for a reason. They can do their job cleanly and without leaving a trace. Different scams take place and that too, on different platforms – email scams, social media scams, fake apps, extortion scams, etc. Using the gullibility or naivety of different people, these scamsters mint money using illegal methods, knowing that they cannot be caught. Make sure to use only trusted sources for investments and re-check with experts in case you get any suspicious email or text.
  4. Secure internet – The statistics related to cybercrimes are alarming. One in three people falls prey to such attacks from hackers. The reason why hackers can do their jobs well is because of the insecure and unstable internet connection and lack of virus protection in people’s devices. Even cryptocurrencies are vulnerable to hacking for the same reasons. Avoid these attacks by using a secure internet connection, particularly when dealing with cryptos. Avoid the use of public WiFi systems to make your transactions. You can also use a VPN and change your device location along with your IP address to make it even more difficult for the hackers to navigate.
  5. Seek help – When you are in doubt or are unsure of the next steps or are even finding out about proposals regarding ‘guaranteed’ returns, ask for expert advice. This would ensure that you are not falling for any unwarranted schemes or phishing.

The importance of having security for cryptos cannot be stressed enough. Use these and other measures to safely protect your assets and reap maximum benefit

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