Five Ways to Repurpose Content on Instagram

Instagram is advancing exponentially with every update. Thousands of features with as many options have made their way into the app that one just cannot get bored of.

To start with, the filters. These are straight-up addictive. If you have started clicking pictures and making videos with insta filters, there is no going back.

Well, filters can be considered an oldie owing to the latest version of the ‘gram.

Coming to the business point of view, it was not easy for brands whose products do not look aesthetically apt to make a mark in the app. But, the new insiders of the app are helping you say a different story.

The best parts of these features are that there are umpteenth number of variations, so if you dig your hand, you will find your suited fit.

Talking of repurposing content, we can talk of the best ways we find on the app.

Let’s get started.

1.   Make Reels on Trends

There is no denying the fact that after reels have come into the app, it is undoubtedly the most loved feature. With people obsessing over scrolling, reels are something that fits for one all.

Tiny pieces of content with catchy information, in general, brought together. Reels are a “tip of the finger” kind of feature. You scroll, you get entertained, you move.

Also, trends that come along, are a cherry on top.

Follow some trends, and make reels. If you can add your uniqueness to it, there is no better thing.

The best part about reels is that it is not directly proportional to the number of followers.

Sometimes, a person with thousand followers can make a real and get views in a hundred thousand or millions too.

Like it or not, making reels on trends is the key for content creators these days.

2.   Make Use of Instagram Carousels Properly

After the introduction of Instagram carousels, folks have stopped spamming the feed with multiple pictures at one go. As, now, they can fit up to ten of those in a set.

Take the idea from that. Make parts of a long-form of content and post that as a thread.

Not only will the audience be more interested, but it will also give a different outlook to your profile feed as well.

Statistically seeing, Instagram carousels raise more engagement than long-form content. Instagram is a place that works with particular information.

People consuming the content expect the same for you. So, if you have something that comes in a long format, Instagram carousels are your answer.

But, make sure you choose or create a background that fits with your content.

3.   Do Not Forget IGTV

Pointed this out bluntly, but IGTV is missed out a lot of times. Creators who have used their videos on other platforms are hesitant towards IGTV.

Despite being time restrictive, IGTV has a great viewership and is the best way for promotional content such as teasers, or ads, etc.

If your video is formatted for YouTube or any other platform, you can easily trim it and make it an IGTV fit.

For example, movie teasers these days have also made their way to IGTV. Even if the size of the video doesn’t fit, it is either trimmed or uploaded into two parts for the Instagram people.

The actors involved also do the same to make it reach a larger audience. If you see it according to our lifestyle, scrolling has become a thing.

That is why coming across something you have planned to watch or maybe not sounds easier than taking extra effort and moving to YouTube.

4.   Highlight the “Story Highlight”

Seeing creators with one or two and sometimes not even a single highlight makes no sense to me. This is the best way to make someone new to your profile know your work, or your profile better.

Your best content from the past, be it a story or a post shared in the story, can be highlighted easily and put at the top of your profile in a stacked manner.

Have you ever wondered how cool is that?

But, one thing you should care about is that your story highlight section should match the tone of the entire profile.

Keep a relevant name to every highlight you make and you can also try to sync all the highlights you have with similar display pictures.

All in all, if you are a creator using Instagram for business, ensure that highlights show your growth, your achievements, the best praises and reviews you have earned, and your prime form of content.

This is because anyone who has come across your profile should think highly of you.

5.   Work With an Instagram Guide

Again, for the long form of content. If the delivery of the content is not sufficed by Instagram carousels, the Instagram guide comes to the rescue as too many carousels will look spammy.

This was introduced during the COVID-19 crisis to spread public health-related information.

But, creators slowly started taking advantage of the same. Creators who receive more love for certain content compile all of it in one and attach it to the Instagram guide.

This will also increase engagement from people, who are in your feed to learn or know about a specific type of content. Old creators with stature in the social media world should give this a try. And for new creators working extremely hard, you may not get the desired engagement easily. Try to get free likes on Instagram to boost up your chances of getting noticed.


Now, the sad part is, the Instagram algorithm is a tough nut to crack. These tips and tricks along with quality content enhance your reach. But, the start is bumpy. So, keep creating content for Instagram, cause it will help you beautify the same like nothing else.

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