Folderly Email Tester for Smooth Mailing System

The most affected due to email spam are the business people. Recent surveys show that over fifty-one percent of business emails end up as spam and never appear in the recipient’s inbox. Ever thought about the impact of spamming these emails? 

Loss of information means losing opportunities and sales! These can account for serious budgeting issues and might lead to debts. Spamming sounds silly but the after-effects are beyond thoughts, right? Hold on! Why should we succumb to these losses? Don’t we have a solution for this?

Folderly AI System:

If there is anyone who can help save our business mails from falling into the spam folders, it is the Folderly website. The AI-based email tester works on the email deliverability systems and ensures that the business mails aren’t a waste. After all, we invest so much to strategize the sales concepts and try our best to convey them to potential investors. Is the hard work in vain? Not anymore!

About Folderly:

The business mails’ fate depends on the delivered folders, right? If it’s the inbox, there is nothing to worry about. But if it is the spam folder, consider it lost. Well, this was the scenario for most business firms before the Folderlyemail tester came in. The name itself speaks volumes! We can use the Folderly website to avoid ending up in spam.

Bypass spam filters, blacklists, etc., are some obstacles on our way to reach the recipient’s inbox. We could get rid of all these by using Folderly. In short, this platform is like an assurance that our emails are reaching the recipients’ inboxes! We can either increase the email’s deliverability or avoid spam-related issues here. Folderly offers the freedom and visibility to our emails so that they pass through the blacklists, spam filters, or traps.

Various Firm Types Benefitting from Folderly:

Folderly email testing platform divides its services into three different groups based on the type of business firms approaching them. In short, Folderly is available for every customer based on their firm’s budget and size. Let’s have a detailed look:

1. Startups:

Every business empire today was once a startup, right? Since mails are one of the crucial modes of communication between people, it is more than essential for startups to get their mails cleared. It is crucial to establish proper leads and connections. Can we risk losing out on an opportunity to sending issues and spam systems? Startups need platforms like Folderly more than anyone else to achieve success and stick to the ideas. 

2. Enterprises:

Having a well-established enterprise doesn’t mean we don’t have to worry about spam. Maintaining the domain health is as vital as building it. Most enterprises need to stick to their sending reputations. It is about trust, right? We believe in a firm’s information and if it turns out to be false, will we look back to it? No! In fact, enterprises have no chance of mistakes. Using Folderly, enterprises can check on their multiple email address and domains at a time, gathering crucial information related to IP, SMTP, or DNS settings. We also have an option of receiving timely updates regarding the same.

3. Agencies:

Most agencies focus and rely upon outreach to set up new businesses and support the growth. Usually, SEs and SDRs fall under the spam web and lead us to lose out on potential breakthroughs. Folderly ensures maximum email deliverability by recovering the SDRs from spam folders. Guess what! All of this happens without us involving in it. Imagine the time saved and a sigh of relief!

Services Offered:

The above information shows the prominence of assurance to email deliveries, whatever type of firm we are in. Folderlyemail tester makes it happen by providing us with two significant services – email deliverability test and spam fix.

1. Email Deliverability Test:

If we know what are the blockages or restrictions in our mails, we could easily avoid spam filters. Identifying the factor stopping the deliveries can help achieve full-capacity deliveries. We can use these services to identify performance dips and the source behind these sending issues. Apart from testing, Folderly also provides us with necessary suggestions to improve our mails’ reach. 

Domain testing and analysis are also possible with Folderly. Using this service, we can analyze various factors like DNS issues, spam filters, blacklists, etc., and rectify the mails. If we closely observe these services, we can identify that Folderly not only helps in correcting our mails but also amends the sending process.

2. Email Spam Check:

Folderly runs various spam-check campaigns to improve email deliverability rates. These campaigns also help in saving the marketing emails from spam and other blocking filters. Most spam-based issues are fixed by Folderly in three simple steps. They are as follows:

Step – 1: First, connect any email or domain addresses on any ESP having Oath, IMAP, or SMTP integrations. In short, we are initiating the search campaign.

Step – 2: Folderly starts the spam emails test by scrutinizing every single mail to identify potential concerns and performance dips. This step also finds out the source of the sending issues.

Step – 3: Here, Folderly fixes all the issues related to our emails and ensures maximum deliverability.

Running these campaigns regularly can lead to a one hundred percent deliverability rate. We were constantly mentioning that Folderly identifies and fixes spam issues, right? You might be thinking about the actual process behind this rectification is. The steps followed are given below.

Folderly first starts with technical issues. After detecting and correcting these, it proceeds to spam filters. The email placement is improved by boosting the rating of email addresses associated with Folderly. The spam fixing rating of mails sent from registered email addresses is what happens to improve mail placements. 

Now, it comes down to the kind of mail providers accepted by Folderly. After all, it would be a waste of time knowing all this when the service provider used by us isn’t available. Well, we don’t have to worry about that. We can connect mail addresses from up to fifty different providers, including the widely used outlook, Gmail, iCloud, etc. 

Are Your Emails Going To The Spam Folder? Know More With Folderly

Are you someone who is curious to know why you get no replies to your emails? Have you tried everything and yet feel like your emails aren’t reaching where they are sent? If yes then you may be facing an issue with email deliverability.

Before we talk about anything else, let us discuss a bit about email deliverability. As the name suggests, email deliverability means the ability of your email to deliver to your respective clients/subscribers without getting thrown into the spam folder.

There are many reasons why your emails may be sent to the spam folder of the person whom you sent it to. Few of the many reasons being exceptionally long emails, use of many spam words or links. A little negligence on your part and your precious email gets thrown into the spam folder of the person you sent it to. What’s worse is there is no direct way of finding out whether your emails are reaching your clients or are sent to the spam folders of the same. For this, you will need an email tester like Folderly.

So what can folderly do for me?

Folderly is one of the best sites that provide world class email testing facilities to about 200 top notch companies that depend massively on their online reach.

Folderly will carry out email tests that will determine your email deliverability rate which in turn will help you to see whether your emails are reaching your respective clients or not.

These tests will make sure that you get to the root of the problem and figure out an effective solution. If you feel like you are facing an email deliverability problem and are not getting proper responses because your mails are going to the spam folder, it won’t hurt to take an email test with Folderly.

What is an email deliverability rate?

As the name suggests, an email deliverability rate is the rate at which your emails are delivered to your clients or subscribers. The ideal email deliverability rate is 100/100. However, you are still safe if you have a rate of 70-80/100. You should start worrying about it when your email deliverability rate is below 100. Determining your email deliverability rate is very easy. For example, if you have a rate of 70/100, this means that for every 100 emails sent by you, 70 emails reach the receiver’s inbox and 30 emails reach the intended receiver’s spam box. Folderly has worked with the biggest clients and assures you a 100/100 email deliverability rate.

Who can use folderly?

Folderly has something for everyone. Whether you are a blogger, an agent or an enterprise, Folderly can help you in more than one way. Here is how folderly can help you by making sure that your emails reach the intended person’s inbox and aren’t transferred to their spam box.

If you are a sole entrepreneur or a blogger and communicate with your subscribers by sending them newsletters or links to your main blog, you want them to go to their inbox. If your emails go to the spam box of your subscribers, you may sacrifice on a huge chunk of reach as a result of which there may be some negative impact on your business. Folderly makes sure that all your emails reach your subscriber’s inbox and don’t go elsewhere and ensure that your reach is optimum.

If you are a startup or an enterprise trying to establish a digital presence on the internet via sending emails, we know how difficult it may be to manage your online presence and an offline presence together. If you feel like you are lagging behind on the digital front, then folderly is here to rescue you. The best thing about folderly is that you do not have to do anything by yourself. Just enter your email and folderly will manage everything else for you.

If you are a business enterprise then folderly also provides you with additional services like keeping track of various domains at once and giving you a cutting edge over your competitors.

How does folderly work?

As mentioned before, folderly makes sure that you do  motherly have to do anything by yourself and does all the work for you. The only thing you have to do is enter your email. After entering your email, folderly will test your email deliverability rate by sending various emails from your email ID to other email accounts owned by folderly. After it arrives at the email deliverability rate, it will provide you with optimum solutions so that you can know what your problem is and how you can fix it.

Is folderly safe?

Yes. Folderly is extremely safe and ensures you that your privacy is maintained at all costs and never compromised. The various positive reviews on the internet are a testament to the high quality services provided by Folderly.

Why do my emails go to the spam folder?

There are many reasons as to why your emails may be going to the spam folder of your intended receivers. Few of the many reasons may be the use of some spam words repetitively. Another reason may be that you may have inserted some unnecessary links into the email. A very lengthy email may also be the reason as to why your emails go into the spam boxes of your subscribers. However,  without an email tester, you will never be able to figure it out and pin point out your problem. Hence, it is integral that you test your email by email testing facility providers like Folderly.

Can I test a custom email? What are the various email service providers that folderly supports?

Folderly supports a wide range of email service providers and includes all the major ones few of which are Gmail, Outlook and the like. If you have a custom email then folderly may find ways to integrate with them and give you the same facilities as it provides with the other mainstream email service providers.

Conclusively, if you are someone who wants to create a substantial online presence by email marketing or want to grow your business using the same, Folderly is a must try for you. Head on to our main site to know more about our services and pricing.

Folderly: The Best Spam Test Site For Your Email Deliverability Problems

Email deliverability is a major problem faced by many people who connect with their clients/subscribers via emails. In this article we will understand what email deliverability is and how we can use folderly’s spam test in order to make sure our email isn’t sent into spam.

Before we get started with the topic, let us discuss a bit about the term email deliverability. For those who don’t use email service providers too much, this term may be new to you. Email deliverability, as the name suggests is the ability of your email to be delivered to prospective clients/subscribers. It may appear confusing as to why email deliverability should at all be a problem lest you enter the wrong or invalid email address and it is unable to deliver. However, it turns out that email deliverability has much to do than just meets the eye.

Given the various restrictions that email service providers have implemented in the recent times, it is only valid why email deliverability is a problem these days. If the email service provider senses your email to be a spam, it will be sent to the spam folder even if the mail held an important message. This is a dangerous thing to happen if you want to reach out to someone important for an important cause. You cannot afford your emails going to your clients spam folder. 

This is where the issue of email deliverability arises. If you feel like your emails aren’t reaching prospective and present clients and is reaching their spam box instead, you need to check your email deliverability rate. What is an email deliverability rate you may ask?

An email deliverability rate is the rate at which your email reaches your client’s inbox.

Email deliverability is measured on the basis of every 100 mails sent. If you have an email deliverability rate of 60/100, it means that out of every 100 emails you send, 60 reach the intended recipient’s inbox and the remaining go the recipient’s spam box. The optimum rate to have is a 100/100. However,  given the recent restrictions, you may aim for a 80-90 out of 100 as well. You have to make sure that your email deliverability rate does not go down 70 because that is when you could consider stopping sending out emails.

So how to determine your email deliverability rate? By taking a spam test by folderly. The spam test will accurately test your email and see as to how many of your email are actually receiving the intended customers. Once you know your email deliverability rate, folderly will take you to the root of your problems and give you effective solutions. Believe it or not, it is possible to reach an email deliverability rate of 100/100 according to various positive reviews online.

So how does a spam test work? Folderly makes sure it does the most work for you so that you don’t need to do a lot. Once you enter your email you will be led to a page that would show you all the statistics and will pinpoint where you are going wrong and get to know what is impacting your email deliverability so negatively. From the information you get, you can carry out email campaigns that’ll help you to maintain a 100/100 email deliverability rate.

Yes. Conducting a spam test on folderly is just that easy. So if you feel like you are not being able to reach out to enough clients/subscribers because of your email deliverability issues, then it is time for you to conduct a spam test on folderly and find out where you’ve been lagging. These tests have helped hundreds of enterprises, digital entrepreneurs and startups to stay up to date and connect better with their clients.

Now that we know quite some things about email deliverability and spam tests, let us get to know the main parties that may find spam tests useful and benefit greatly from them.

  • Digital entrepreneurs: Digital entrepreneurship is a newer form of entrepreneurship where the entire business is carried out on a digital platform. Given that everything is digitalised, it is obvious  that the entrepreneurs have to reach out to their clients online most of the time. Using emails, the entrepreneur will be able to maximize their reach and positively impact their business. Spam tests will allow the entrepreneur to ensure that their reach is not affected due to their emails ending up in their client’s spam box.
  • Enterprises and agencies: nowadays, almost every enterprise or business has to have an online presence if they want to be ahead of their competitors. Enterprises and agencies usually have a large clientele that they have to keep in touch with via the digital media. By using spam tests they can make sure that all important mail is reaching the intended recipient. Folderly also gives enterprises and agencies options that enables them to keep track of multiple domains.
  • Startups: startups are the rage these days. One of the best things about startups is their ability to connect with their audience and form an innovative product. However, in the initial stages, making connections with important clients may also prove to be a great help when it comes to funding. Given the tight circumstances a startup operates in, it cannot afford to lose important clients because of its mail going to their spam. They can use spam tests to make sure that this never happens.

Conclusively, it may be said that folderly can be used by anyone who depends a lot on email service providers for their business. It is an accepted fact that social media has now grown massively and many new platforms have come up where people can grow their business. However, the email always remains among the best modes of communication and there is no end to how much it can help a business to grow online organically.

Worry no more about your email deliverability rate.

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