Fortnite created to be Addictive in Nature, Lawsuits compares it to Cocaine

The makers of the game Fortnite were accused of making the game addictive in a lawsuit filed in Canada where it was said that playing the game is similar to using cocaine.

Epic Games, a U.S. based company owns Fortnite and it was released way back in 2017. About 100 players can fight in the game with a part of a team or a single player. They fight with each other to be the last person standing on the battlefield.

With over 250 million people playing this game, it became one of the most popular Online game in the world. Many players also participated in online games where you can win big prizes.

On behalf of 2 children in Quebec, a legal notice was filed against Fortnite where they said that they become so immersed in the game that it can be compared to cocaine as the reward in the game triggers neurotransmitter dopamine.

The mechanics of the game are designed in such a way that it makes people dependant on the game. It was compared with the slot machines which are used in the casino to attract the gamblers.

This addiction has affected a lot of people in their actual life where they no longer socialize or even take showers for days while getting hooked to the game. Some people might not eat the whole day while playing the game which is serious to health. Players of the game have to get medical treatment in order to get rid of their addiction.

The lawyer who filed the lawsuit Jean-Philippe Caron said that developers took the help of psychologists to make the game much more addictive.

He said that the company needs to inform the players about the risk of playing the game just like tobacco companies.

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