From Education to Games, This App Becomes Parents” Online Manager!

Have you heard of TimeoutIQ, the only app that allows parents to manage their kid’s screen time and keep their minds sharp? Created with the noble aim to deliver parents the much require peace of mind when it comes to their children’s screen time and education, TimeoutIQ empowers parents to control and manage mobile devices remotely.

TimeoutIQ provides high-quality education with interactive learning and the power of AI.  The interactive STEM-based K-8 educational curriculum helps to improve cognitive development of the child users.

The Pandemic has made screens as an inevitable part of our daily lives. Our children are growing up with technology, and it’s natural for parents to worry about screen time and its harmful effects on kids.

Many children are owners of Smartphones from a very young age and parents often find it difficult to determine if children are spending time on schoolwork or other online addictions. TimeoutIQ is specifically designed to help children from Kindergarten to Grade 8 to do better in school and help their mental health in their most formative years.

TimeoutIQ uses its robust AI technology is empowered with customized education, flexible screentime limits, Award bonus time, and detailed reporting. It also helps parents trace the location of their children.

The interactive educational content of TimeoutIQ is designed based on the Ontario Elementary School and compiled by selected educational experts.  As per their grade, the questions and challenges make the child to stop and ponder over specific problems. This aims to deviate them from challenging online distractions and get attracted to the pleasure of academics.

It’s proven that many child users have had enhanced cognitive development with Timeout IQ. Many have reported to limit recreational screen time to less than two hours a day, improved physical activity and having sufficient sleep after the use of Timeout IQ.

“Childhood and adolescence are crucial periods for brain development, and the behaviours during a typical 24 h period contribute to cognitive performance. The Canadian 24-Hour Movement Guidelines for Children and Youth recommend at least 60 min physical activity per day, 2 h or less recreational screen time per day, and 9–11 h sleep per night in children aged 8–11 years. We investigated the relationship between adherence to these recommendations and global cognition.” Emily Head, The Lancet.

Shawn Desouza, the Founder of TimeoutIQ, Shawn noticed that parents have been toggling between apps to manage screen time and get high-quality education for their children. He decided to fill the gap and develop an all-in-one solution for mobile education and parental control. 

“A neighbor and parent expressed a desire for an app like this as his 10 – year old child had just racked up a $600 bill and he got a call from the school that same week about the child’s performance. That was the origin of how we came up with the app”, says Shawn Desouza when he was asked how he came about the idea of Timeout IQ.

Needless to say that today’s parents are looking to challenge their children with educational content at their grade level while they’re engrossed in games, videos, or social media. TimeoutIQ helps them manage, monitor, and educate children while they’re on their mobile device wherever they may be.

Here’s the free download link of the App.

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