Game-Changing: Gaming Tech Trends to Redefine the Industry In 2022

Technology has reshaped the gaming industry in recent years, with many titles blurring the lines between fantasy and reality to offer players the ultimate entertainment. According to market experts, the gaming industry will hit a valuation of $300 billion by 2026 from $162 billion reported in 2020. This growth is due to dynamic technological trends that have influenced every gaming sector, including console, PC, and mobile gaming.

Online Gambling

While online gambling isn’t a new phenomenon, new technologies have taken it to a whole new level. Today, online casinos can offer more than the convenience of wagering at home, by giving you plenty of immersive games to suit your taste. You don’t need to sacrifice the visual quality compared to wagering in physical casinos and you can also interact with other players and live dealers.
Some betting firms have also introduced virtual leagues that give results within a few minutes instead of waiting for the whole game period. Even better, traditional casino games are always available in leading casinos online and you can sign up at to start wagering on them.
More Artificial Intelligence On The Horizon
Artificial intelligence has transformed the gaming industry over the last decade, making games smarter than ever before. Here are several ways how AI will transform the gaming industry by 2022:

  • AI-based voice assistants will bolster a wide scope of smart games across various genres. That will require current AI techniques like reinforcement realizing and design acknowledgment.
  • Paired with augmented reality and virtual reality, artificial intelligence is helping developers to create more realistic and visually appealing games.
  • It also enhances the overall experience with constant customization of scenarios.
  • Artificial intelligence is transforming game development skills to create realistic, smarter, and increasingly intelligent titles.

Augmented and Virtual Reality Goes Mainstream

VR and AR are considered the most exciting technologies shaping the future of the gaming industry today. These technologies are already in use by various developers, with market experts predicting the market will have a valuation of about $25 billion by 2025. Here is how these emerging technologies will redefine the gaming market by 2022:

  • The revival of 3D – 3D films aren’t new to the world, but the concept hasn’t appealed to many viewers due to its exorbitant cost. However, 3D is increasingly gaining popularity due to movies like the avatar and players want to enjoy the enthralling experience where such 3D effects are the backbone of a game.
  • Real-time Interaction – AR technology is great at bringing together the virtual and the real world, helping to create a real-time interaction that enhances the player’s perception.
  • Creative Content –VR and AR stand out for being able to offer the ultimate experience and its ability to offer engaging and versatile content that’s well-coded by developers.
  • Change in Lifestyle – With the evolution of VR and VR gaming has become more than a source of entertainment. For a good number of people, playing games is a lifestyle that has contributed positively to industries like education, medicine, and lifestyle thanks to these technologies.

Tech giant, Apple is already looking into ways to implement VR and AR in their future iOS, with their first augmented reality product scheduled for launch in 2022. Gamers can also expect to see fantastic VR games in 2022, with some of the most anticipated titles including Revolution NYX, Assassin’s Creed VR, Splinter Cell VR, and Zenith.

Cloud Gaming Services Expand

Theoretically, buying games online should be a seamless and exciting experience. That’s because you can browse a library with thousands of titles and instantly buy the game you like from home. However, buying games online has its unique problems.

First off, downloading your game after purchasing it can take hours, especially when using PlayStation’s notoriously slow servers. That means it’s often faster to walk into a store and purchase a physical copy of your game.
Besides long download times, you might not have the right hardware for the game, leading to performance issues. Downloading a game also requires your console or PC to have enough storage space for the new game.

Cloud gaming bypasses all these stressful issues and allows you to play the game in real-time without downloading it. Instead of downloading or buying the game, you simply stream the action in real-time without having to invest in it. There’s no need to waste time downloading your game since you can start playing immediately.

Next Generation Consoles Battle It Out

With the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X delivering an incredible gaming experience, it’s hard to predict which console will win in this round. However, the two consoles (alongside Nintendo Switch) will largely direct the biggest gaming trends in the next few years.
Like in the previous console wars, the one with the best titles will come out on top. However, each of these gaming consoles has various unique features that might give it an edge. For instance, the Xbox Series X comes with a smart delivery feature that gives you a free Series X game version of any Xbox One title you’ve ever bought. Playstation 5, on the other hand, features a hi9gh-end SSD that significantly reduces load times.

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