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Growing Market of the Body Fat Scale: What Can We Know

Body weight and body composition (the relative percentage of fat, muscle, and water in a human body) has become one of the main concerns in human health. This has led to a huge surge in health devices and products aimed at resolving and managing these. The body fat scale products market size was valued at USD 630 million in 2020 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 6.8% from 2021 to 2027.[1]

What does that mean? That more and more people are investing in body fat scale products today more than ever. This article provides more information on what this is so, and where to get the best products.

Why People Tend To Pay More Attention To Body Fat Scales

So, why the body weight scale market is growing rapidly? Here are two main reasons we have discovered. 

· Increased health awareness:

As stated above, everyone is concerned about keeping their health in check today. Medical experts and nutritionists are always on the campaigns to create awareness about health issues that come from our lifestyle. Weight, body fat, and body composition are the main factors that cause most diseases. And hence, many people are finding it necessary to keep tabs on these factors.

· Growing obese and overweight population:

Body fat plays one of the biggest roles in human cycles as it stores the energy required for daily activities. However, excess fats can lead to severe issues like HBP, stroke, heart failure, and obesity. WHO conducted a study in 2016 revealing that approximately 1.9 billion of the global population was overweight.[2] In order to improve the physical fitness of people, the government and people have begun to implement relevant measures, including equipment to detect body composition.

Therefore, the body fat scale is a worthy investment, and those taking advantage of it are witnessing great results. The demand is expected to keep growing.

Applications of the Body Fat Scales

A body fat scale is a smart device that a person can use to measure their weight and body composition. These portable devices can be used in a wide range of applications, including the following:

l Home

When it comes to applications of body fat scale, the home application is the first to mention. Technological advancement plays a primary role in the adoption of such devices because they provide superior precision and convenience with ease. You don’t have to visit a hospital or a fitness center to check your body fat or weight.

l Fitness Centers

Fitness centers play a key role in helping people improve their health through physical fitness. It’s, therefore, normal that you will find a body composition scale there.

l Clinics

Vising High Blood Pressure and diabetes clinics are necessary for people with such conditions. The clinics use body fat scales to check their progress and determine the best management solutions.

l Hospitals

Hospitals require such handy tools to carry out regular tests. They can be used to measure and record patients’ data with ease. And that is why you will find these tools in every hospital.

l Others

There are many other areas where body fat scales are useful, including nutritionist clinics. Any place that touches body composition and general human health will probably have such health care supplies.

Welland: One of the Best Suppliers

Welland has been a key player in the world of healthcare supplies for many years. Experts in the health field recommend the company because of the following reasons.

ü Independent R&D and App team

The strong R&D and APP team provides important support for product software and hardware R&D and app development & maintenance. That’s why Welland has a steady stream of new products that can help you enter the market and improve your competitiveness. At present, 7 million users are experiencing Welland’s APP. Moreover, Welland can also provide an SDK for you to connect.

ü ODM&OEM custom service

With the ODM & OEM custom service, Welland is able to create solutions that meet specific user needs. The devices offer the highest technological features with top-notch accuracy.

ü Certificated

Welland products are certified by CE, ROHS, FCC Factory passed BSCI, ISO and Walmart audition. These certifications all tell of a reliable company committed to excellence and high-quality solutions.

ü Strong production capacity

The company enjoys a strong production capacity thanks to its efficient SOP production process and 20% of automation equipment. Besides, the company has a reliable supply chain to provide materials on time. Last but not least, Welland’s strict production quality control system effectively reduces the defective rate. These all ensure a powerful production capacity for the company.

Why Choose Body Fat Scale from Welland

Welland puts more effort into software and hardware research, offering smart personal weighing, body fat, and more solutions. One of the best-selling Smart body fat scale FG2019LB-B meets users’ body weight and measures body fat while tracking their health progress. It’s an incredible solution for those who care much about their health.


A healthy body means a happier life and high self-esteem. We have seen many people suffer psychologically from having too much fat in their bodies. Thanks to the Welland body fat scale, you don’t have to go through such anymore. Contact them now for further information.

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