Here’s why you should pick CNC lathe machines for manufacturing processes

Plenty of manufacturers have adopted CNC lathes to replace older, manually operated equipment which performed similar functions as part of the production process.

If you are uncertain about whether or not you should jump on the CNC lathe bandwagon, here is a look at the benefits that they bring to the table to convince you of their impact.

Machine variety

There is no single CNC lathe design, but rather a variety of machines in this market which serve different purposes and can perform different functions.

There are both vertical and horizontal lathes to consider, depending on how you would want to orient the work piece. You can also pick between simpler and quicker speed lathes, which are great for high volume throughput, or turret lathes that combine a cavalcade of tool types to improve their versatility.

When you browse for some lathes you will see just how diverse this niche has become, both in terms of form and functionality.

Automation & precision

The main perk provided by CNC lathe machines is their ability to operate almost entirely automatically, using computer controlled components to deliver endlessly repeatable precision so that parts of all shapes and sizes can be processed consistently, time after time.

Even the most complex designs can be brought to life with a lathe, all without the need for a skilled operator to take the lead. This means that you do not need to rely on having access to a suitably well trained and experienced worker, but can instead rely on the calculated accuracy of CNC tech to create components. As such it is easy to see why automation is considered one of the disruptive technologies in the manufacturing space.

Less waste

Whenever any part is being put together, a degree of wastage will be inevitable in the process. This can be increased in the case of using a manual lathe, since human error is always a factor and mistakes can become cumulatively costly for companies to shoulder.

The aforementioned precision of CNC lathe machines means that the foibles of flesh and blood operators are taken out of the equation altogether. So if you want to minimize waste, make the most of the materials at your disposal and boost the overall efficiency and sustainability of your manufacturing process, this is the type of equipment to use.


Modern CNC machinery is not only more impactful for day to day operations, but can also be more reliable and consistent with its performance thanks to onboard maintenance features.

Being able to get reminders about when scheduled maintenance is due, and receive alerts in the event that some flaw or fault is developing, will allow you to reduce unexpected downtime and prevent whole production lines from grinding to a halt because of this single point of failure.

Ultimately all of these individual advantages add up to make CNC lathes a seriously cost-effective option, meaning that you can justify the upfront investment required and make the switch from a manual lathe with confidence, rather than worrying about whether this move will pay off quickly.

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