How an SEO Agency in Brighton Helps in Your Local SEO Campaign?

Local SEO is crucial for businesses, as it helps potential customers find their business. If your store is located in Brighton’s popular area, local SEO can help increase footfall to your store. Here we have discussed how an SEO agency in Brighton can help your business. 

Keyword Research

Do you know Brighton is home to 16,000 plus businesses? It means you have to rise above the competition to attract quality leads. Keywords are the soul of all SEO campaigns, and local SEO campaigns are no different. Many business owners don’t know what kind of keywords might hit their target audience.

An SEO agency in Brighton will conduct comprehensive research to determine what customers are typing when looking for particular products or services. They generally focus on keywords with high search volume and strong buying intent.

Optimize Local Pages

Local search refers to the practice of attracting leads that are located near your store, office, or service area. The search process combines the geographical location of the user and the keywords while showing the results. Hence, local SEO is a powerful marketing strategy to reach prospects using search engines for location-specific searches.

The SEO agency optimizes local landing pages with relevant keywords, title tags, and meta descriptions. The agency adjusts the title tag and other data to attract the locally-minded user. When a user types a service or product with a geographic location, they are looking for it near a store near them. Hence, the agency will ensure the landing pages are optimized for geographic location and their needs.

The agency will attach a geographic location to each title tag that will help the search engine quickly find pages relevant to the user’s search.

Create Optimized Content

Content remains a critical element of a local SEO campaign. Brighton has one of the fastest broadband services in the UK, with more than 99% of homes and businesses access to high-speed Internet. The SEO agency will focus on creating great content with local keywords and intent. It will help your local businesses in Brighton cut through the competition and reach your target audience.

Besides creating optimized content, the agency will also improve your website’s local schema markup.

Make the Website Responsive

A recent report mentions that Brighton city has around 370 SMEs and 66.4 startups per 100,000. An SEO agency in Brighton can help local businesses build responsive websites that are mobile-friendly too. A leading market report suggests 86% of small businesses don’t have mobile-friendly websites that affect their local SEO campaigns. It certainly reflects poorly on the part of your brand. When companies fail to develop mobile-friendly websites, it affects their rankings and frustrates their customers. 

Increase Backlinks

Backlinks play a crucial role in Local SEO. Google takes into account your backlink profile in search engine rankings. The SEO agency works with local publications, local organizations, and industry publications to build a strong backlink profile. It contributes useful and relevant content to different information sources and creates a good backlinks user profile.

Setup Google My Business Profile

Google My Business profile is key to local business ranking. According to the Brighton Urban Area Population Graph, the population of Brighton stands at 607,000. Most residents looking for local businesses will refer to the information in your Google My Business profile before visiting your store.

The SEO agency will set up your Google My Business profile to attract the right target audience. It will optimize your Google My Business listing with accurate information to help Brighton users find your business quickly.

The agency will update your Google My Business profile with information like your business name, address, contact number, website link, testimonials, business operating hours, and other critical information about your business.

Use Google Analytics to Measure the Performance of Local SEO Campaigns.

Measuring the performance of your local SEO campaign is essential to understand its effectiveness in attracting customers. The local SEO agency will use Google Analytics to analyze the information about visitors to your website. The analytics data will give the agency valuable insights to shape the local SEO strategy for your business.

Facebook Business Page Setup

 A Facebook page is a crucial element of a local SEO campaign. According to the latest statistics, the Brighton public is quite active on social media. Here are some figures that show the popularity of Facebook in Brighton.

The city has 192,120 FB users under 25. Around 205,440 people belonging to the age group of 26-40 use Facebook Regularly. The total number of Facebook users in Brighton stands at 477,760.

The agency will set up your Facebook business page to help your business interact with local communities and audiences. It will help establish your brand in the local audience.

To sum up, developing and implementing a local SEO strategy is a complicated process. The SEO agency will strengthen your local SEO campaign and deliver quality leads that will improve revenue generation.

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