How Does Audi CPO Warranty Works

Audi CPO Warranty Working Procedure

When an Audi Vehicle leaves the manufacturing plant, Audi’s New Vehicle Limited Warranty is applied to it, which means a power train warranty that is applicable until four years or 50,000 miles. If we talk about the Certified Pre-Owned Warranty of Audi, known as CPO, it consists of the remaining warranty coverage; besides that, one year will also be added. 

In the condition, if the vehicle’s warranty is completed, you’ll get one year of Certified Pre-Owned Warranty with no mileage restrictions, and that’ll start from the day you purchased the vehicle. It’ll be under the bumper-to-bumper protection. We’re going to mention some components covered by the CPO warranty of Audi:

  • Fuel system including pump, manifold, and flow sensors 
  • Cooling system including pump, radiator, temperature sensors, and fans
  • Engine assembly including, engine case, camshaft, and piston
  • Transmission system including, gear train and levers
  • Suspensions including, front and rear axle and coils with springs
  • Temperature controller including, natural air blower, A/C compressor, and heater 

Some of the components are not covered in the warranty here, including the damages produced by the collision, maintenance services, wears, natural collapse, robbery, theft, etc. If you’re looking for more details, you may concern about the official booklet provided by Audi.

It’s important to explain here regarding the warranty that if you want to sell out the vehicle when the coverage has not expired yet, Audi will not ask for any transportation charges. Nothing is deducted here; it means the owner will pay nothing for the vehicle’s repairs. Even you’ll get a loan from Audi until your car is in the workshop after an included disruption.

The most exciting thing included in the Audi CPO warranty is the assistant on the road 24/7 and the reimbursement of the interruption during the journey. You’ll always get coverage even if the tire is flattened, you forgot keys in the car, required tow, or stopped ok between the trip. You should also check out Audi extended car warranty.

Audi CPO Warranty Coverage working Comparison

If we compare the Audi CPO warranty coverage with some other brands, we’ll find it is not as more expansive as the other brands. However, the provision of an additional year is a significant point. Here one who has Audi will enjoy an extra year while the Jaguar and Bugatti will be out of warranties provided by the factory. 

A comparison of CPO coverage with some other luxury car brands shows that it’s in the middle. Ferrari, Mercedes, Jaguar, BMW provides relatively closer terms to Audi.

Audi Pre-Owned Certification Process

For being eligible for Certified Pre-Owned Audi, One must have a newer or a used car but not more than five years or the traveled miles should not exceed 60,000 miles. Moreover, no after-market modification has been done. 

For getting a CPO for your vehicle, it has to be passed through an intensive inspection and accurate and precise road test by an authorized dealer of Audi. And that inspection will be consist of 300+ points. In case a fault appears in the vehicle, some necessary repairs will be done on the faulty parts of vehicles, or quite possibly, it’ll fail the inspection completely. Eventually, they will also check the car’s history report to analyze if any accident happened with the vehicle in the past. They will also determine the intensity of the accident.

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