How Entrepreneur Avi Koren’s Childhood Passion for High-End Watches And Jewelry Motivated Him To Establish His Own Brand

Some people don’t figure out what career they want until adulthood. However, some discover their passion early. Entrepreneur Avi Koren knew from a young age that he had a passion for high-end jewelry and watches, and he’s worked hard to live that passion every day in his adult life.

Avi Koren is a high-end jewelry-and-watch entrepreneur. He is the owner and CEO of several boutiques, located in Hong Kong, Dubai, and Belgium with a clientele that boasts of big celebrities, Hollywood actors, and NBA players. Also, his pieces are sported by football players from Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Manchester United, as well as the national teams for Brazil, England, Netherlands, Croatia, Belgium, and more.

“I’ve had a passion for beautiful jewelry and watches since I was very young,” says Koren. “I always wanted the premium stuff and was attracted to how it looked.”

Koren showcases his watches and jewelry on Instagram, where he has 522k followers. In some photos, he has up to a dozen beautiful watches on his hands and wrists, a reflection of his decadent lifestyle.

When he started his account in 2012, he was one of the first influencers who posted photos that combined luxury items and lifestyle with cars, watches, and jewelry. “I want to stun people with how gorgeous these pieces are because that’s how I feel when I see my design come to life,” says Koren. “Instagram is the perfect place to show off my work since a picture is worth a thousand words. You can’t really experience my pieces until you see them for yourself.”

Avi Koren learned about jewelry from his parents, who owned a jewelry store as he grew up. “I got all of my good taste from them,” Koren says. “I spent hours and hours looking at all of the luxury jewelry, designing pieces in my head from a young age.”

Once he got older, he graduated as an official gemology diamond master in Belgium. However, he says that his work with his parents had the most impact on his work, as well as his ability to open boutiques worldwide.

He’s currently working to open the largest showroom worldwide of high-end watches and jewelry. “I don’t do anything halfway,” says Koren. “I want everything to be the most splendid and extravagant. That’s why I’m opening my new showroom, and the reason my watches and jewelry cost as much as they do. I won’t compromise on quality.”

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