How Fito Salume designed and implemented the turn around of Continuum Health Technologies, a pioneering health technology software company.

As the software industry grows and evolves, companies are racing to stay on top of new technological advancements. Businesses who rethink their strategy and adapt to changing circumstances are the ones who can move to meet the new market requirements and stay ahead of the competition. Serial Entrepreneur Adolfo Salume, also known as Fito Salume, has performed dozens of turn arounds during his business career, and one of his latest was the turnaround of Continuum Health Technologies, which acquired the assets of bankrupt DaVincian healthcare in 2017.

Salume, the Chairman and CEO of Continuum Health Technologies repositioned the RCM (Revenue cycle management) software business in order to retain important clientele like hospital groups and to position the company to acquire additional business. 

The company delivers real-time, actionable intelligence, allowing organizations to analyze, manage, and automate the revenue cycle for optimized financial outcomes. Being a revenue cycle management provider, Continuum Health Technologies takes care of payments and accounting responsibilities so that companies can focus more on their customers. Their products help to automate the revenue cycle, including patient admission, claim processing, and data collection. 

In addition to the RCM business, Salume has propelled the development of a HIPAA compliant messenger solution and telemedicine software for which there is an increasing demand in the market after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Salume has scaled Continuum Health Technologies to be more impactful in the software industry. The company has developed solutions partnering with some of the top hospitals in the country. Besides providing revenue services, it is also a cutting-edge telemedicine software provider. Through the services provided by Continuum Health Technologies, hospitals are able to better support the well-being of their patients and keep better track of medical and financial records. This partnership has not only been profitable for hospitals all over the country, but has also been a positive impact for the company as well.

In addition to Continuum Health Technologies, Salume is CEO of more than 50 companies in his portfolio of investments, which operate in 16 different countries.

Fito Salume’s group of companies provide employment to over 10,000 people worldwide through his various ventures. Salume believes that a key to his success is his focus is on the person as a whole, seeking to develop quality individuals and citizens than can work together collectively as a team as part of a corporate endeavor.

He has managed and helped turned around a plethora of companies utilizing that same vision.

Salume is passionate about making a positive impact in the lives of others, including its shareholders, creditors, clients, and fellow employees.

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