How r programming software enhances completing statistics homework

After the plan is fully set the next step for the IT management plan is to identify the administration of the system. The system needs good administration so as to avoid the operations from being compromised or done in the wrong way. At times systems fail hence there is the need to ensure there is good administration so that these failures can be addressed in real time to make sure the normal operations of the system are maintain. This r programming help website helps in improving user end productivity while measuring IT returns on investment. In managing the plan to ensure it is productive there should be a system backup upgrades and updates. This will be used for disaster recovery since at times the plan may fail and there will be need for business continuity hence there should be a mechanism to enable disaster recovery. To enable the system to be effective, there should be a help desk support to assist all the users in operations. When all the listed measures are well taken the operations of the company will function effectively and the company will function well.

As per the strategic plan for the company, it had intended to have surpassed the $500,000 revenue mark before the tenth year of operation but it has not been met. The company sells all its products locally in the company but as per the strategic plan it was intended to go international by the fifth year of operations. All these failures have been caused by the fact that no good technology has been put in place since the establishment of the company. The only relevant technology that has been used is a website to advertise on some of the products that the company sells. This is not a very effective mechanism since technology has advanced and companies need to have in place better technology if they want to continue in their growth.

E commerce or electronic commerce is the trade in services and products by the use of computer networks that may include internet. It is made up of technologies like mobile commerce, supply chain management, electronic funds transfer, online transaction processing, internet marketing, electronic data interchange, automated data collection systems and inventory management systems (Navid Nikakhtar, 2012). This company should start using the best fit e commerce systems for better operations. With a good system, the customers of the company will be able to access the products of the business with much ease since mobile phones may be used for placing order and other operations. Purchase of raw materials will be made simple because most of the activities will be performed electronically. Firms may lose funds when payments are done manually but with the use of e commerce these losses will be mitigated because money transactions will be done electronically which ensures they reach the destination at a faster speed. Marketing may be a difficult issue because the company uses just a website to do all its marketing and the website may be accessed by limited people. When the company endorses the proposed IT management plan there will be a better marketing conducted over the internet and more people will access its products that will increase the sales (Ahmed, 2010). The company may need to collect data either for research or other purposes with will be made simple in the case e commerce is well put in place. The company has not been able to meet its targets because the inventory has been managed manually but in the new e commerce system all the inventory activities will be managed electronically hence reports will be released and analyzed in real time.

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