How the Entertainment Industry is Changing As Technology Advances

The entertainment industry has been changing since the word excistied, and since technology has hit the scene, both the entertainment and healthcare industry have really benefited from this.

In today’s article, we take a look at how the entertainment industry is changing, and how technology has a massive part to play in how we entertain ourselves online.

The Booming Gambling Industry

There’s no question about it, gambling has really taken off and hit the jackpot when the online casino boom hit in 2009. Since then, we’ve come a long way from computer generated scenarios allowing players to place roulette bets (albeit very slowly through dial-up) to watching a video stream of a casino to being able to play against computers in games such as Poker and roulette too.

With this boom, not only did gambling become more accessible and easier to play, but it gained the attention of newer generation players who didn’t really fancy visiting a casino in person, or even playing slots in a brick and mortar casino. Not only has this changed the way gambling and this kind of entertainment is delivered, but has truly changed how new players can learn the ropes, without even losing a penny.

With gambling, a lot of people used to question the ability of games being rigged or tampered with to ensure that the player loses. When online casinos were originally announced, this could’ve been very easily done by the casino operators, as online gambling licences/commissions were really not established back then.

As part of this leap into modern times, casino operators and game providers operate RTP, or the “Return to Player” of a game mode, that allows you as the player to understand how much the game you’re playing will return to the player, and how much is given to the casino on average. Although this was an average, players questioned the number of spins or “attempts” taken for this number to be generated. With the help of computers and modernization of technology, these RTP values can be accumulated within minutes over 100,000, or even upwards of 1 Million spins/attempts.

Understanding RTP can be quite challenging, so we have another guide here that you can take a look at to understand how RTP works in the gambling entertainment format.

Gaming and Esports

If you go back 10 years to 2012, gaming and esports were in their prime, with most games being played by young kids who were in school. The nostalgic times of coming from home school and loading up a Playstation or Xbox with the latest Fifa or Call of Duty game was just a wonder. To be able to play games with your friends through virtual voice chats and play games loaded onto a disk, was the best way to enjoy your free time.

Esports was only really just making its entrance to the scene before it gained a monumental amount of interest from major companies, game providers, and even celebrities such as Neymar Jr. (famous football player – playing Counter Strike).

If we go forward another 10 years, it’s hard to say if we would still be playing on typical consoles and PCs, but maybe even playing more realistic, and more intense games on VR units (virtual reality) such as the Oculus Quest, or HTC Vive. There’s no doubt that in the near future (as it’s already been adopted in the “Onward eSports Tournament”) that VR and AR (Augmented Reality) will be hitting our screens with most games, as well as esports tournaments that we’ve all come to know and love which just didn’t exist a couple of years back.

Movie Making

Many people think movies have come a long way in the last 10 years, even if we take a look at CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) back in 2012, you’ll notice small issues and just a lack of detail/animation. Fast forward to 2022 where we can literally CGI stunt actors into scenes.

As technology advances, there is a massive leap to both investment into new cameras, technology, and staff who know how to operate the right software to make movies and other videos look as good as they can. In 2022, most films that come out are in 4k (due to size limits and processing times of anything higher), which make movies look incredible, but fast forward 10 more years – we could be watching 16k movies which are enormous in stored size, but also look stupidly lifelike and increidble. It’s hard to justify what this would look like in words, but one day we will see this.

Not only this, but our phones may even be able to take incredible images at night, at resolutions as high as 8k or 16k like the movies, and to think that you could photograph the moon as if you were standing next to it, with lifelike quality is just mind blowing.

Media Sharing & Social Media

We’re almost 100% sure that if you ask anyone on the street what “YouTube” is, we’re sure they’ll at least know of it, even if they’ve never used it. Media and how it was shared 20 years ago just didn’t exist. If you wanted to see the latest movie trailer, you’d have to either watch the TV carefully or visit the cinema. Media just wasn’t shared around as easy as it has in the likes of 2022.

In the early 2000s, we saw the likes of YouTube, and Twitch.tv (Formerly Justin.tv) along with a wide-range of social media platforms such as Twitter, Bebo and Facebook all being created to help people socialise and share media, even if it was their own content!

Since then, YouTube is the number one go to place to watch any kind of video. No matter if you like music, movies, sports, or hot air balloons, Youtube has content that will meet your needs to keep you entertained. Not only this, but with how social media has grown with most people owning some kind of social media profile, this means you can also share the content with your friends and family within a few seconds, no matter where they are in the world.


There’s no doubt that entertainment is changing how we live day to day, with new technological advances not only in entertainment, but healthcare and fintech too. As technology advances, as do we – meaning that we will be a more advanced, and in return a more entertained human race.

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