How to Create a Better Meeting Experience For Clients

When you are meeting with clients, it’s important that you make the best possible impression that you can. Whether the clients you are meeting are old or new, you need to ensure that they get a good impression of your business, trust your abilities, and see you as a reputable company with which they can do long-term business. Client meetings are crucial in building reports with your customers, so it pays to enhance their experience in any way that you can.

From the moment that your clients arrive for the meeting, you need to ensure that they arrive to a friendly, enthusiastic and motivated team. How your office space, your team and your meeting room are presented can say a lot about your company, so you need to be sure that you go the extra mile to get these things right. Make sure that your employees are dressed in clean, fitted business casual shirts, clean your interior thoroughly, make sure all of your tech is working properly and take the time to stock your meeting space with everything you need for you and your clients to have a productive meeting.

Let’s take a closer look at just a few things you can do to enhance the meeting experience for your clients.

Make Them Feel Welcome

As soon as your clients arrive at your business, you need to ensure that they feel welcome and at ease. If you will not be greeting your clients yourself, you should make sure that your receptionist makes them feel at home right away, greeting them with a big smile, letting you know that they have arrived and offering them tea or coffee while they are waiting for the meeting to start. On the other hand, if you greet them yourself, make sure that you go the extra mile to make them feel welcome. Shake hands, make small talk and avoid getting down to business right away. 

Ensure Your Premises Is Clean

To make the right impression on your clients, it’s always a good idea to have a clean meeting facility. You should have your office space cleaned regularly to avoid a last-minute dash to clean your space before your clients arrive. However, even if you do have cleaners in regularly, it’s still wise to empty the bins and give the space a quick one-over to make sure you make a positive impression on the clients you are meeting with.

Check Your Tech

Nothing is more frustrating than starting a meeting only to find that the projector doesn’t work, the Wi-Fi password has been changed or the power points are out of action. Not only are these issues irritating to deal with but they can make you look very unprofessional too. Take a few moments to double-check your tech before you begin your meeting and never make the mistake of assuming that everything will be working as expected.

Prepare In Advance

Preparing the meeting space for the arrival of your clients is key to getting the meeting off to the best start possible. If you are hosting a longer meeting, you may have some snacks and beverages prepared ahead of time, which should be put out on a table inside the meeting room. If you need your clients to connect to the Wi-Fi, be sure to print out the network details in advance to make things as easy as possible. You should also ensure that you have plenty of water bottles, extra paper and stationery available in case it is required during the meeting. These small touches might seem like tasks that can be done on the fly; however, if you want to look more professional, then take the time to do them in advance.

Allow Enough Time

Time is a valuable commodity nowadays. If you find that you are regularly short on time, you can be sure that your clients are in the same situation. Make sure that you have allocated enough time for the meeting and avoid squeezing client meetings into every bit of spare time that you have. Allowing some free time at the end of your meetings is always a good idea in case there are additional questions or concerns. For this reason, you should always avoid booking back-to-back meetings that are scheduled right after one another.

Make Sure Your Clients Have The Best Meeting Experience Possible

If you want your business meetings to go as smoothly as possible and for your clients to have the best possible experience, then be sure to follow the tips outlined above. The key to any successful meeting is to make your clients feel valued and appreciated. Going the extra mile for your customers will always be appreciated and will help to show your customers how much you value their custom.

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