How To Create An Infinite Number Of Accounts In Any Email Service

Email services are the first tool for people from all over the world to communicate freely over the internet. In addition to simple communication, they were also used extensively to promote certain products on the web resulting in the rise in popularity of many of the now-famous brands. However, although decades have passed since then, email services are still an effective solution for many tasks. They are widely used for building business relations, contacting potential customers and so on.

However, many people hardly find this option most convenient when it comes to scaling processes, which require the use of multiple accounts. Some email services require users to verify their phone number when signing up for the first time, while others do so when creating a second profile. Thus, at best, only two email addresses can be created with the same phone number. In that case, buying multiple SIM cards is definitely not the best decision. There is a much simpler and cheaper solution. You can use a virtual Iran phone number or virtual number in any other country to sign up for all the popular and not email services!

Essence of a Virtual Number

A common belief among uninformed users is that a virtual phone number is a prank call tool or even a set of random numbers that have nothing to do with telephony. However, it is well suited to serious tasks. This is because a virtual number is the same as a real number. It also belongs to the official cellular operator and is capable of receiving and sending both calls and text messages so there is no issue with using it for signing up on various websites and apps.

Getting Virtual Phone Numbers

Nowadays the internet is overflowing with offers to buy a virtual phone number. The market is full of companies that provide such a service. However, accepting the first offer that comes across is not a good idea. Every provider offers virtual numbers of different quality as well as costs so doing your own research before making a purchase is mandatory in this case.

One of the best options for those who are just beginning their acquaintance with the world of virtual telephony is SMS-Man. This platform has been providing an opportunity to receive SMS for more than 5 years and has proven itself as a trusted partner to over 300,000 thousand users. Its advantages include:

  • Simple and fast registration;
  • Huge choice of payment methods;
  • Both disposable and long-term virtual numbers are available;
  • Complete automation;
  • Round-the-clock customer support service.

Moreover, it provides virtual numbers for receiving SMS from all the popular email services such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, and others. So when it comes to finding a convenient and cost-effective way to get virtual phone numbers, this service is no doubt a great choice.

Using a Virtual Number to Receive SMS from Email Services

Once a virtual phone number is obtained, there is not much left to do to create an account with it. You need to use it on the registration page while signing up for desired website or app the same way as if it was a real phone number. This will result in a confirmation text message being sent to it. To read this message, go back to the platform where this virtual number belongs and click on the “Receive SMS” button. In some cases, the message is displayed automatically. As a final step, use the received verification code to create a profile.

To register another account, get a new virtual number and repeat the steps from above. There are no limitations on how many numbers each user can own so it won’t become an issue at all.

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