How to get more sales during the holiday season

As the holiday season approaches, consumers are certainly more into shopping. New year’s, Christmas, Halloween, Hanukkah, the holiday period is a great sales period for businesses and entrepreneurs. Holiday sales can make or mar your business. For some retailers, the holidays make up almost half of their annual sales. This is why business owners strive to be active during the holiday season. This is a great time to review your sales prediction goals and formulate techniques to meet these goals through and beyond the holiday season.

1. Provide special discounts to your customers

Offering customers deals they cannot refuse on their purchase will get you more sales and a great way of giving them your best during the holidays. Employ the good old slash price when customers make a referral. One productive approach to increasing holiday sales is to offer loyal customers a better deal when they refer you to their family and friends. Don’t forget that it costs more to retain current customers than to acquire new ones. Offering discounts to your most loyal customers will help you secure their patronage.

2. Offer free shipping or delivery

Free shipping takes the burden off for some people. Running an e-commerce shop for instance pits you against prominent online stores like Amazon who offer fast and free shipping. To draw the attention of customers, you need to offer them a better deal or make the goods worth waiting for if you cannot offer them free shipping.

3. Gift certificates

If you render a services-related business, whether hairdressing, spa, restaurants, or automotive repair shop, gift certificates are a great way of showing customers you care. I mean, everyone loves free stuff. If you own a brick and mortar store, you can make a visually alluring sign near your register that notifies customers of this deal. You could also do online publicity. The buy one, get one free deal is also a nice incentive. Run a sale on gift certificates for your regular customers. Giving gift cards online can mean that your store is open for last minute sales and even on the holiday morning.

4. Online tactics

Offer special deals on holiday gifts both online and in-store. For service-related businesses, you can generate more sales by making online scheduling to your social media site. This gives customers the comfort of booking appointments online. You can also create an alluring website using custom eCommerce web design services, and generate good online sales during the holiday season. Having a website is a must these days to generate online sales and doing SEO helps a lot with organic visibility. 

5. The power of moms

Moms are a dominant and vibrant part of the market forces. Most of the time, they are the ones who hold the pocketbook and purchasing power. If you want to increase your sales during the holidays, it is a good idea to put your products before them. You can attract a wide range of customers if you partner with moms. This is because they introduce a business they trust to others in their communities.  For instance, it will be productive to have a mom as your brand ambassador if you sell products that the customer base is usually interested in.

6. Organize events to increase sales

Events attract audiences and audiences increase sales.  You can invite guests to appear at your store or hold contests. Inviting a celebrity, Santa Claus, or an author will grab the attention of different age groups. Apply this gimmick based on the age group you wish to attract.

7. Send a thank you message beforehand

If you are planning to reach out to your customers, there is never a better time than the holiday season. Message or send them cards with heartfelt gratitude for their past business support. Not only are you showing your appreciation, but you are also reminding them of your business. The holidays can be so hectic that sometimes people forget to frequent their regular stores. Remind them that the holiday is almost around the corner and they need to start shopping or employing your services before the year runs out. This way, you reconnect with old and potential customers.

The reality is that the holiday season is the best time to make money. Buyers are in a good mood, relaxed, and ready to spend. Take advantage of these tips to make huge holiday sales.

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