How to Get YouTube Subscribers for Your Channel (Real & Permanent)

YouTube is the second most popular search engine, and it rightfully earned this spot. The video-sharing platform gets two billion+ active logins every month, and over 1 billion hours of content is consumed every day (Source- YouTube Press). These numbers have attracted major brands and aspiring creators who are looking to achieve greatness.

Jog your memory and find an instance where you did not find relevant content for your search query – you cannot, can you? This is because YouTube has something for everyone’s needs. You and millions of others like you will never leave YouTube disappointed. 

But everything is not sunshine and rainbows. YouTube is no way a walk in a park. Creators cannot afford a slip-up. One wrong move, and your audience goes away for good – they have no shortage of content. The increase in competition has left much to be desired.  

You spend so much time, energy, money in creating quality content, and you require genuine appreciation to do justice to your effort – and who better to do that than your channel subscribers. 

More subscribers bring in more revenue, not just from ads but also from collaboration with other brands who approach successful YouTubers.

Now, you have two choices: you can spend a lot of time growing your channel one subscriber at a time, OR you can buy YouTube subscribers from authentic suppliers like If you decide to go with the latter then the process is very easy. You will see results within 72 hours of your order approval.

This article will cover important practices that you can follow to make the most of the subscriber’s you purchase.

1. Longer Videos Are Better

When it is a battle between longer and shorter videos – the former will always emerge victorious, at least on YouTube. Why is that? – this is a no-brainer actually; the primary source of revenue for YouTube is ads, and the longer a user stays, the more they will see one of them. Lengthier videos can bring results, thus putting more money in YouTube’s pockets. 

How long videos should you produce? – well, the longer, the better, preferably above 11 minutes. But it will help to note that 4.5 minutes is your target watch-time; anything beyond helps but not by a larger margin. Nonetheless, this should not stop you from making longer videos – you will keep accumulating watch time, and watch time is a most vital YouTube factor for ranking

Most YouTubers have a misconception that views matter more than watch-time. And this prompts them to make shorter videos. This is not true; the YouTube algorithm gives preference for lengthier videos in the top YT search results and recommendation section. 

You have to understand that although the number of viewers will fall as your content progresses, longer videos will bring in more watch-time even if you get a smaller number of watchers. Quality videos of 10 + minutes get fewer views but receive 15% more watch time than 5 minutes videos (source:

2. Videos That Bring New Subscribers Rank Higher

Put yourself in the shoes of a casual user who comes to YouTube for his content needs. Now, if he comes across one of your videos and likes what he sees, what do you think he will do next? – his first move would likely be to subscribe to your channel and press the bell icon so that he stays updated every time you drop a new video.

We are trying to say that if your video gets your viewers to convert into your subscribers, then it is a plus point for you to be in the good books with YouTube.

It is not easy to get someone to comment or even like your videos, let alone subscribe to your channel. But if your videos manage to do all of the above, then my friend, you are doing something right.

Although there is no concrete evidence, studies conducted by independent entities show some relation between the number of subscribers a channel has and the video rankings. Of course, the order can result from the more views and watch time a video generates because of the high number of subscribers. This will in turn help you get more YouTube subscribers.

Remember: Focus on producing quality video content, and the rest will take care of itself.

3. Optimizing Your Description

We have heard that optimizing the title and description for targeted keywords improves video ranking in the search results. While it is true for titles, the same cannot be said about descriptions.

According to some studies, keyword-optimized descriptions do not correlate with the display position of your videos in search results.

We can clarify this point by highlighting few findings:

To understand your videos, YouTube does not need you to place the keyword exactly as you found via research in your description. For example, if your target keyword is “how to run Facebook ads,” then using phrases like “Facebook ads” or “top 5 ways to run Facebook ads” will get the job done as well.

Since your description tends to get long, it is hard to determine if YouTube considers keywords placed inside as indicators for ranking. We came across many videos on the platform without structured descriptions but had no problems showing up in top results. 

Despite popular findings, YouTube states that descriptions with targeted keywords help videos show up in search results and bring views and watch-time, and finally, increase your subscribers. Thus, to be on the safer side, we will trust YouTube on this one and recommend you write keyword-optimized descriptions for all your videos. What could go wrong?

4. Produce High-Quality Content

Let’s face it, you and I don’t like watching poor-quality content. Nobody does. High-resolution videos give a sense of professionalism to your videos. Your audience will take you seriously and also like, comment, and, most importantly, share your creations with others. 

We also noticed that the videos that have high quality tend to perform better than standard quality videos in YouTube SERPs.

When you buy YouTube subscribers, they should be finding quality content on your channel.

So how can you make your content better?

  • Minimize noise pollution by shooting your videos in a quiet ambient background.
  • Invest in quality recording apparatus; you don’t have to own an expensive DSLR; a good quality phone camera will suffice.
  • YouTube content in 1080p or more, these resolutions are preferred by YouTube during video ranking.
  • Before you start filming, you need to have a good script on hand – this will make sure that everything falls into place and everything you want to convey reaches your viewers. 
  • Splurge on video editing software.
  • Add transitions and pattern interrupts to your content.
  • Purchase a tripod to ensure stabilized video shooting.
  • Review your videos a couple of times before you upload them on your channel.

5. Backlinks and Video Embeds

Did you think that the on-page metrics were the only thing that YouTube considered while ranking your video, and consequently help you get subscribers? – well, think again. YouTube has revealed that they also factor in metrics external to the platforms, such as the number of shares, links, and embeds.

Independent studies have shown a positive correlation between the ranking and the number of domains that back linked or embedded the video.

Evidence leans towards the fact that embeds and links directly impact video rank, but it would help to note that videos get more watch time and views because of performance outside YouTube.

It is also possible that a video gets so many embeds and backlinks in the first place because it received more views, comments, and likes – its popularity brought the content more shares beyond the video-sharing platform. But all we can say is that more video embeds and ranking go hand in hand.

But, one drawback that you can notice is that embedded videos result in short YouTube sessions since viewers are unlikely to watch other videos. As a countermeasure, you could focus on bring viewers to YouTube or insert playlists in the embedded video so that you can funnel users to more of your content.

6. Cross-Platform Promotion of Your Videos 

There is a virtual world outside of YouTube with an audience base that is just right for your content. Why not expose your videos to new eyes on other platforms?

. Social Network Sites 

Why not start with platforms you are already active on, like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Quora, and Reddit. Of course, you can expand your horizon and leverage other social media sites as well.

When you create content for respective social media handles, make it a practice to include links to your original YouTube video as well – do this on all your social handles.

. Email Marketing 

If you already have an email list, then good for you. On the other hand, if you don’t, I suggest you start building one for yourself. 

In the future, the people on your list will be interested in your content. Since they have decided to hear from you by providing their details, they are ideal candidates for free YouTube subscribers. 

Every time you come up with new videos, drop an email to remind people on your list. If they like what you created, they won’t hesitate to subscribe to your channel.

7. Engage With Your Viewers 

Your job is not finished after you buy active YouTube subscribers, you have to make them feel welcomed with timely interactions.

YouTube is a two-way street, you give, and you take. When you receive comments from your audience, you must reply – this wakes a sense of gratitude and appreciation amongst your viewers, leading them to subscribe and associate with you for a long time.

Comments are critical because it is one of the factors that YouTube considers before boosting the reach of your content. Hence, you could also ask your audience to drop a comment as they are watching your video.

We are well aware that it is humanly impossible to reply to all the comments you receive, especially if you receive tons of them and have little to no additional help. But even if you can’t address them all, it would even help if you heard some comments. 

You could also make it a habit of thanking everyone at the end of your videos – you are morally obligated to do so because these are the people who stayed and watched till the end.

8. Provide Links to Competitors Channels 

Why should you promote your rival? Isn’t the whole point of making videos is to grow your channel? – well, a rivalry is good; a healthy rivalry is even better. Plus, your visitors might also be following the linked channels, compelling them to click that subscribe button and become your subscribers as well.

Not to mention, you are also providing your visitors access to more quality content on other channels – winning yourself trust points.

We hope you found our article on ‘How to get YouTube Subscribers for Your Channel’ valuable.

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