How to increase value of your property by converting it into a student accommodation


Real estate has always been viewed as a profitable, and bankable investment by many people. But the one lesson that one is never quite taught is how to drive better value from your property, especially as it’s a depreciating asset. An asset is only valuable when it generates money. Locking up huge investments in property and leaving it to mature for a one-time withdrawal after many years is not making your money work for you. It is only saving for a rainy day.

Well, now you have a lucrative solution. 

You can transform your property into a managed living/student housing facility. 

You are probably thinking about the time and monetary investment that goes into converting your property into student accommodation. While the monthly returns do seem appealing, the initial cost probably does not. What if we told you that you didn’t have to take on that burden? What if we told you that you can now outsource that trouble to capable operators?

Partnering up with professional operators reduces your time/cost investment. 

We live in a time where customers make capitalism work for them. If there is demand, there are companies that you will find ready to cater to this demand. For instance, Stanza Living creates a high quality managed accommodation experience in major cities across India. Partnering with them allows you to partly share the cost of refurbishment and renovation that you may have to incur otherwise. You can provide a newly-built full-building or even an existing PG set-up. They will transform the property to meet their world-class standards of student living accommodation and create a fully-outfitted space, while you can sit back and enjoy the returns.

  • Higher Rent 

There is always an abundance of living facilities for students, making property rentals a challenging, competitive space. However, students are willing to pay for quality. With managed living facilities, professional operators design it to provide an optimal living situation for students. Students not only get a fully-furnished room but share common facilities like dining areas, entertainment spaces, gyms etc. With these facilities, leading players like Stanza Living provide higher value to the students, who in turn are willing to pay for a better experience that they’ll never find in a local PG or hostel. The result – you can now pocket higher rental yield for your property. A win-win situation if there ever was one. 

  • Wash your hands off property management 

As a property owner, you will have to invest time, money, and a lot of patience into property management. Every time a tap springs a leak or the toilet does not flush, you will need to make prompt arrangements. However, partnering with professional operators can help relieve you of a landowner’s duties all the while owning the land. Since these operators need to keep their accommodation at certain levels of quality, they have people at stand-by to manage your property efficiently. By shifting the burden of responsibility to the partnering operator, you can now live hassle-free. 

  • Save on costs

Students these days prefer professionally managed locations. Why? Well, they get security, laundry services, transport services, meals, wi-fi, a workout area, a gaming centre and a whole host of other services for affordable costs. Professional operators are much more equipped to provide these services with staffs on their payroll. That means you save on costs of hiring staff at your property. You just have to sit back, relax and allow these professional operators to do what they do best.

  • Higher real-estate returns 

Many people lock their investments in property and let it mature for a rainy day. However, buying and selling property is not as easy as it seems. Sometimes, it takes months or even years to find the right buyer for your property. Add in uncertain market conditions, and your one-time yield may cause more stress than you would want. Wouldn’t getting monthly income from your property to be better, all the while retaining ownership of the land? If your answer is yes, you would want to consider transforming it into a managed living facility. Not only do you get monthly rent from the occupants without the trouble of property management, but you also increase the return your property gets for you. 

  • Leave your property in the hands of people you trust 

We have so far discussed outsourcing management while getting higher yield. Is it all that simple? Yes. With professional operators taking care of your property, you are leaving it in the hands of people with a proven track record of quality management and operations across 14+ cities and over 250 properties. Therefore, it is vital to know your partner and understand the operations they carry out.

Do they have credible investors? What quality of partners do they work with to manage operations and services? Do they have transparent legal arrangements? Do they carry out proper consumer checks (KYCs, verifications etc) before onboarding them as tenants? Do they efficiently manage your property with processes developed through trial and testing in various cities? Research and communication will give you the answer to building that trust. So yes, it really is that simple if you have the right partner.

On that note…

Profiting from real estate is no longer only the ‘big’ man’s game. It is at the grasp of all property owners. All it takes is finding trustworthy partners capable of doing the heavy lifting. Creating valuable assets is all about how you make it work for you. Real estate is no different. Gone are the days that landowners need to invest and struggle to create a habitable environment. These days, you can outsource it to people who have built those capabilities. The only difference is that now, the power to create value and pocket the profits is in your hands.

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