How To Make Coffee with Pictures Using a Coffee Maker?

Most of us have the routine of drinking coffee first thing in the morning or before going to work. To coffee lovers, black coffee and the usual cappuccino remain classic, while some find it boring. 

In this fast-paced world where social media significantly impacts our daily lives, coffee has also conquered innovation.

Coffee manages to set new trends like latte art and now, the selfie coffee. It is a personalized coffee with your selfie or your chosen image on top of the foam of your coffee using a coffee printer.

Plunge into the following steps on how to make selfie coffee through a coffee maker:

Get Your Beans

You have loads of options in choosing your coffee that you can get in your local coffee shop, supermarket, or even online. Typically, the packet has information like subtle, rich aroma or fruity flavor that helps you to decide what kind of coffee you prefer.

Don’t forget to grind them up before putting them in your espresso machine or coffee maker.

Froth The Milk

A fancy espresso machine comes in handy in frothing the milk; it is easier and faster. However, there is a cheaper version to make foam or froth the milk. All you need is either a milk frother, one of the best ways to create frothy foam, or a French press, the most economical one.

More importantly, the essential part is to use fresh milk. Whole milk works the best as it makes the highest foam since it has 2% milkfat; hence, soy milk, oat milk, and almond milk have less fat.

Printing Time

The exciting part is that you can customize images such as greetings, wise quotes, or your selfie or picture, depending on your liking. 

All you have to do is place the cappuccino or latte you made under the coffee printer machine. Then, pick your chosen image, and in just a few seconds, the design will print in your coffee instantly.

Coffee printer machines like Ripple Maker by Drinkripples are one of the famous brands of coffee printers that serve modified coffee. They create various designs on top of the coffee foam that many customers love.

Through their website and platform, you can select the theme you want to print, or you can design your ripples. This coffee printer utilizes 3D and ink-jet printing technology to create outlines or images on top of the coffee. 

Serve and Enjoy

Say goodbye to boring coffee. You can enjoy your personalized coffee or have it posted on your social media website. This selfie coffee makes our day extra unique and motivates our loved ones or us when you give them like this.

Ripple Maker by Drinkripples uses 100% natural ingredients; therefore, the image doesn’t affect the taste of your coffee. And they are user-friendly as well.

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