How to select the best phone tracker app that doesn’t require permission

Looking for the best phone tracker app often becomes a challenge due to the infinite options available online. You need the correct balance between the phone tracker app features and criteria to track the whereabouts and activity of the target person without their permission. So, we have created a concise checklist to help you hunt a tracking app that best suits your needs.

Criteria for the Best Phone Tracker Apps

While the list of the criteria can go on for pages, you just need to check out these 5 simple criteria to determine the best phone tracker app for you.

1.        Compatibility

First on the list is, of course, compatibility. Make sure the tracker app is compatible with your phone and the phone you want to track. Simply visit the app’s website and check whether it is compatible with your required phone models and you are good to go.

2.        Ease of Setup

Phone tracking apps can be a part of your daily routine once you start using it. So, you need an app that can be installed very easily without having to deal with complicated technicality. Also, choose an app that is easy to register and has a user-friendly interface including a simple login page and online dashboard to make your life easier.

3.        Accessibility

If you are planning to track an android mobile, you will need to physically install it on the phone. So, you need a swift hand to get the mobile to yourself for a few minutes to get the job done. However, if your target owns an iPhone, you just need their Apple ID and password, the app will do the rest without you having to lift a finger.

4.        Pricing

Money can be a tricky business when choosing your app. There are a number of free phone tracker apps but of course, those come with limited features. Others come with subscription plans or a one-off purchase. To get the best value for money, choose an app that has a free trial period, awesome features, and a good refund policy so that you can try the app without having to sacrifice your money or comfort.

5.        Customer Service

Great customer service proves the quality and reliability of an app. So, make sure that your phone tracker app’s website has an available customer hotline, preferably 24/7 so that you can reach out to them anytime to answer all your queries easily and quickly.

Essential Features for Your Phone Tracker App

You will find apps with numerous features, some of it of use, others simply accessories. To be honest, you just need the following 6 features to choose the best phone tracking app.

1.        Monitoring Feature

When you are monitoring your children or your partner, you need an app that is super discreet but yet easy to navigate. Hence, ensure that your app icon can be easily removed from the application setting so that it is untraceable. In addition, check out if your app has a dashboard that can be accessed through a computer or desktop PC. That way, you can keep an eye on the target at all hours of the day.

2.        Live Screen Recording

If you are looking to track someone’s daily activities on Youtube, Google, texts, social media, and even applied keywords, live screen recording is a must. It will record the person’s live screen and upload it to the app’s control panel so that you can check exactly what that person is up to. This is particularly useful if you are looking out for your children and want to know what’s going on with them.

3.        Call Recording

When you are running a corporation, you don’t need a mole in your trusted team of staff. The call recording feature can ensure your safety as it can record their incoming and outgoing conversation over the phone. This feature is also crucial to know the peers and friends your loved ones are interacting with. So, make sure you have a call recording feature in your chosen app that lets you keep the data for 24 hours, a week, or more, depending on your preference.

4.        GPS Location Tracker

Often, the main purpose of a phone tracker app is to know the real-time whereabouts of your loved ones as you worry about them. A GPS tracker will give you real-time access to their whereabouts. You can even find an entire week’s location history to learn where they have been in your absence. Also, if you are looking for an app for your child’s safety, make sure it has an anti-abduction feature so that you can rescue your child on time if they come to any danger.

5.        Text Message and Email Tracker

In this online era, it is easy to slip out crucial information in your office, anonymously. Oftentimes, you are also unaware of who is in contact with your loved ones. So, if your app has a feature to track their texts including MMS, SMS, iMessages, and Emails, you can easily keep tabs on the communication of your target person without any disruption.

6.        Keylogger

These days, our state of mind is often reciprocated in our online search. So, if you are tracking your partner or your children, you need the Keylogger feature to check their phone activities including the words they use while browsing the internet. That way, if you see any activity that is unusual or poses harm to your loved ones, you can be aware of it and address the issue to protect them.

Our Final Thoughts

If you have read this far, you are ready to select the best phone tracker app that perfectly suits your needs. These are the two crucial buying considerations you need to know when you are looking to select the best tracking apps without the permission. The bottom line is, remember to do your own homework and make sure that our list checks out when you finally make a buying decision to purchase the app.

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