How to Track Someone’s Location by Cell Phone Number 2020

Today many people wonder if they can track someone’s location by their cell phone number in a safe way. We are living in a decade where technology has made spying accessible for people who want to track their person of interest but in a legal way.

Spyine is a phone-monitoring application that works flawlessly with Android and iOS having a purpose-built to be extremely functional and easy to use. This software would be useful for anyone who wants to track the phone number of their children, employees, or spouse.

Part 1: Track Phone Number to Find Someone’s Location        

For security reasons, many people need to know their relatives’ exact location, especially in the case of children. In this case, this all-round application helps people to keep track of their relatives.

Spyine can help you to find someone’s location by cell phone number via their SIM cards and GPS.

You should track the target’s location because it will help you know about their recent behavior, visited locations, and their neighborhoods. Depending on the relationship you have with that person, the information you will come across will help you in various ways.

The police, the government, and all cellular network operators track people with their phone numbers. Unfortunately, this technology is not available for everyone as it would cause serious security problems.

Part 2: Type in Phone Number and Find Location

This phone- monitoring app shows tons of features that differentiate it from other software. It also offers security to its customers on both Android and iOS devices. In this part, we will see how Spyine works as an undetectable application along with its setup in different devices.

2.1: What makes Spyine a Legitimate Application

Spyine is a phone tracking app that is available for both Android phones and iPhones. It is easy to use and secure applications. This spying software lets you keep an eye on your target without them knowing and works even better than most detectives.

This splendid application has been designed in a way that fulfills the requirements of its customer in a safer and convenient way. To track someone’s location using Spyine, you would not need to install any app on your phone or PC. You can use Spyine from its Web Dashboard that opens in any web browser that you use.

While the rest of the location tracking apps adopt poor measures, Spyine provides world-class data privacy protocols.

2.2. Setting up Spyine in Android and iOS devices

Spyine operates for Android and iOS Devices side by side. In this part, we will see how it works in an undetectable way for both platforms.

2.2.1 Monitoring Android Devices Discreetly

In Android, after installing the software on the target phone, this spying-software provides the option to hide its icon and run in the background without draining the battery. Thus, this feature makes it impossible to detect spying.

Also, in case of any problem, you will not need to touch their phone for it. You can uninstall it remotely through the Spyine’s Dashboard, from any web browser that you use.

Step 1: Use your email ID to create a Spyine account. This can be done on any device and web page.

Step 2: After logging yourself in, you need to select a subscription plan that particularly suits your needs. You can choose Basic, Premium, or Family packages according to your requirements.

Step 3: For Android phones, you will need to install Spyine on the target phone to monitor the phone. As this application has an option of hiding itself, choose the option to hide it.

Step 4: After you are done with the above steps, you can now log in to your Spyine account on any web browser through any device.

2.2.2 Spying on iOS Devices Remotely

This top-quality application not only works for Android phones but also for iOS devices. In fact, you can set up Spyine on iOS devices without having access to their phones.

You just need to follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Create a free Account with your email ID and connect it to the Internet. You will receive a verification code in your email, which you can use to activate your account.

Step 2: Now, you only need to tell Spyine which iOS device you want it to keep track of you. All you need is his iCloud ID and Password, and Spyine will initiate tracking your spotted person.

Step 3: You can view information any time using Spyine’s handy dashboard that can be accessed through a web browser on any device at any time you want.

Part 3: Why Spyine is the Best Phone Number Tracker

Even though Spyine has a wonderful array of features that will cater to all spying needs, it is the design and the thought that has gone into making it the application that stands out from all the other apps.

3.1. What makes Spyine a Better and Secure choice

As we have shown you how this application works on Android and iOS, here, we will witness how Spyine proves to be a secure spying software.


  • No Root or Jailbreak Needed

Most Phone monitoring apps ask you to root or jailbreak the target phone. Spyine offers a vast list of useful features without any jailbreak or root access, unlike most spying apps. Thus, there is no danger of viruses or malware getting into the target phone or the user’s phone.

  • Stealth Mode

The iOS version of Spyine is a completely web-based app. You do not need to install software on the target’s phone so that there is no possibility of the tracking being discovered. On Android, it does need an application, but the app’s stealth mode allows it to hide from the list of installed applications over the phone.


  • Mishandle of Spying Software

Regardless of the advantages that spying software might serve, it is somehow true that these spying applications are being misused. People use them in illegal ways, e.g., theft or using your relative’s personal information against them. Thus, this technology is considered illegal in most regions around the globe.

3.2. Features that makes Sypine a Best Choice

Spyine is a world-renowned mobile tracker that has been reviewed in glowing terms by trusted outlets such as PCWorld, Forbes, and DigitalTrend. However, it has a wide range of other useful tracking features stated below:

WhatsApp Spy

Spyine assists its customers to read personal and group conversations on WhatsApp. It gives access to their exchanged photos, videos, and other files. This spying software allows you to monitor WhatsApp remotely from your web browser.

Geo-fence Alert

This program allows you to specify areas and zones on an e-map. Whenever the target moves towards that area, you are immediately alerted.

  • Browser History tracking

 This useful feature allows you to know about the target’s most visited sites and URLs. Spyine allows you to monitor someone’s web browser history remotely. It is easy to install and impossible to detect. The app works with both target iOS and Android devices.


This article concludes that Spyine is an efficient solution for those who want to track anyone legally. They can track a cell phone location by number in a safe way. Anyone opting for Spyine would surely not be disappointed.

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