How to Use Instagram Stories for Business and Increase Your Target Audience

Instagram is an inevitable part of our social life. We use it everywhere, be it public transport, kitchen, or university. Indeed, Instagram has made a giant step ahead in the past several years. The app is being frequently advanced, and the developers always offer useful features for every user. One of the most beneficial tools remains Instagram stories. The thing is, many people use Instagram stories for business and make their sales soar. And If you have a company but don’t use this app, it is worthy of jumping on the bandwagon and knowing how to use Instagram stories for business.

How Stories Drive Sales

            Thanks to available Instagram stories analytics, you can check the impact your stories have on your business. Many affluent companies state that precisely stories increase sales. According to them, the concept is simple, and it allows them to create diverse videos, promoting their business, and increasing outreach.

  • Product Stickers

If you sell goods, you can boost your sales by utilizing product stickers. This sticker enables you to tag a particular good right in your stories. You can add some colors and make the sticker more transparent. In other words, you can do anything to make your post appealing.

  • Links/swipe-ups

Those who add swipe up links to their stories confirm that their sales increase due to such redirections. This is a great feature when you have a full-fledged website where many goods are located. You can post a verbal or non-verbal story, including a link in it.

  • Help from Instagram

Stories’ powerful tool is that they always boost sales if the story is created in an outstanding manner. Besides, they require no financial resources. But sometimes, you may be tempted to seek someone’s help from outside to write content for your brand. In this case, WriteMyPaper4Me might be of assistance. And Instagram can help you, too! The app uses complex algorithms to promote your page in stories or feed. With such support, lots of users will visit your page shortly.

Using Instagram Stories For Business

            Depending on your company’s specifics, you may prefer to use one feature over others. However, it is always good to know about the vast array of accessible engagement-boost tools to promote business.

  • Poll Stickers

Being open to the community and appreciating people’s thoughts, you increase your sales automatically. The feature is one of the most used in business Instagram stories. It allows you to know what people are more inclined to choose when comparing two things.

  • Emoji Slider Stickers

To engage the audience, use Instagram stories embedding emoji sliders. With such stickers, you will get a quick reaction.

  • Quiz Stickers

Another great Instagram stories strategy is using quizzes. You may want to focus more on a company’s history and its workforce to enrich people’s knowledge regarding your business.

How Often You Should Post Stories To Gain Customers

            People love consistency. Indubitably, it is hard not to be tempted to post dozens of stories daily. If you want to increase the audience and make your page visited and not ignored, you have to avoid overposting.

Plus, you can make the followers know when to expect new posts. To do that, you should schedule Instagram stories. There are several excellent apps to help you design a unique content strategy.

How to Use Instagram Stories For Business: Highlights

Since stories last only 24 hours, you may need to save the most visited and informative ones. Instagram story highlights make the best stories visible permanently.

Aiming at expanding your business, you should think of highlights strategically. For example, constructing a series of stories will be a great idea to generate traffic.

Moreover, you can create subsequent stories to help the customer learn more about your product and why they should choose it.

Instagram stories are a splendid way to boost your sales, increase the company’s recognition, drive lots of traffic, and collaborate with other entrepreneurs.

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