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How to Use Mitragyna Speciosa? A Complete Guide for New and Experienced Users

Kratom is a substance that is obtained from the Kratom tree that grows in the South East region of Asia. It typically grows in countries like Papua New Guinea, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. It is generally used as a recreational drug as it helps to relieve pain. It can be addictive and also causes side effects if not taken care of the limit.

The Kratom is a tree belonging to the family of coffee. The extracts from its leaves are used as a sedative. It helps to soothe pain and digestive problems as well. It is legalized in the US as it is considered alternative medicine. However, it is not legal in countries like Malaysia, Australia, and other European Countries.

How to Use Kratom?

Kratom is generally consumed as a capsule, pill, paste, or extract. Along with that, people also consume Kratom by chewing the leaves or brewing dried leaves as tea. It helps to reduce the effect of opium and elevates the mood. Also, its extracts are used to make several liquid products.

Kratom consists of a chemical ingredient called “mitragynine.” It makes your body relax and helps to solve issues like cough, depression, anxiety, diarrhea, etc. It is also crushed and then smoked as marijuana. If you consume low- doses, you will feel energetic and active. You will feel more alert and can complete your work on time. Whereas in high doses, you will feel euphoric as it makes you feel sleepy.

Safety Issues Related to Kratom

It can cause several effects on the human body. If it is not controlled on time, it can cause severe effects that can harm the body. The dependence upon Kratom can cause nausea, giddiness, and many more. It can also have adverse health issues upon mind and body.

Kratom contains compounds like 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine. That is why a single large dose between 10-25 grams can last up to six hours. So when it is consumed in low doses, it stimulates the body. But, when it is taken in high doses, then you will feel dizzy, and sedative.

Types of Kratom

Just like marijuana, Kratom is also available in different types of strains. Every strain has different capabilities and effects on the body. These are the popular strains that you can find-

o  Maeng Da Kratom

The maeng da kratom for opiate withdrawal is capable of relieving your pain, relaxing your muscles, and promoting a night of restful sleep. It is generally grown in countries like Malaysia and Indonesia. This type is made by using the “grafting” method. It involves two different species of plants that are fixed together to get a mixed strain. It is also known as one of the strongest qualities of Kratom strain. Along with that, it pumps up your energy and is a potential replacement for opiates.

Also, it helps to reduce stress and anxiety and increases the performance level. Lastly, it is efficient in maintaining mental stability as well.

o  Yellow Vein Kratom

The Yellow Vein Kratom has several positive benefits. It is believed that the White Kratom is dried using a different method that causes yellow color. One of the main features of yellow vein strain is that it has an instant effect on caffeine. It enhances your capability to focus on your work. But, it is also very hard to find this type of strain in the market. So always buy it from a trusted source.

o  Red Vein Kratom

The Red Vein strain is another type of Kratom which is highly popular. If you want to have a completely relaxing session, then it is best for you. It has a mild effect and can also enhance several health benefits. It is available in different types of varieties such as Red Sumatra, Red Thai, Pontianak red, etc. It helps to enhance your sleep cycle at night and lessens the chance of brain disorder.

o  Bentuangie Kratom

The Bentuangie is currently a new strain as compared to others. To obtain this strain, the raw leaves are kept inside a bag that captures all the aroma and moisture. The soothing aroma helps to calm down the mind and body of the user. It also enhances mood and improves sleep patterns. Along with that, bentuangie strain has a long-lasting effect, but you have to consume it in an appropriate dose.

o  White Vein Kratom

White Vein Strain is effective for those who want to relieve body pain and enhance their concentration. You will get a sudden boost of energy and it also elevates your mood. You can try with a small amount to know how it reacts with your body. Later on, you can increase the amount as prescribed by a physician. There are other various types of White Vein strains such as White Vein Indo, White Thai Kratom, etc.

o  Green Vein Kratom

If you want something just to kick your body with an instant energy boost, but with mild effects, then this strain is ideal. It does not cause any severe side effects and it can help you gain focus on your work. You can easily boost your confidence by consuming this strain of Kratom. It is available in different types such as Pontianak Green Horn, Malaysian Green, etc. Lastly, it is also not very overwhelming like other strains.

Side Effects of Kratom

The effects differ on the amount of Kratom that you intake. It can be very harmful to the body and lead to addiction. Thus, it is very important to regulate the use of Kratom to a significant amount.  These are the common side effects of Kratom-

  • Itching
  • Nausea
  • Constipation
  • Appetite Loss
  • Hallucinations
  • Increased Urination
  • Excessive Sweating
  • Dry Mouth
  • Seizures

What Happens When You Have an Overdose?

Several types of research show that Kratom has several positive effects. With regular research and supportive policies by the government, Kratom can be useful to treat patients. But, currently, there is no such strong evidence that Kratom has medicinal benefits.

Also, not much research has been conducted in this field that makes it difficult to understand its possible extreme effects. However, even in low doses, it can cause significant side effects such as dry mouth, appetite loss, etc. Along with that, it can also cause severe health issues if it interacts with other medications.  It can further lead to death if you overdose on Kratom regularly.

For How Much Time it Stays in the Body?

There are various factors that determine the Kratom to stay in your body for a longer period. Here are the important factors-

  • Body fat
  • Kratom
  • Metabolic Rate
  • Usage
  • Age
  • Food and Water Intake
  • Genetics

These are some important tips that will guide you about Kratom. It has several uses and various factors to enhance your mood and relieve your body pain. However, there is still no such evidence that Kratom can be used for medicinal purposes. But, it has a huge potential in the future that will fuel its demand for its various benefits.

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