How Verkada Takes Inspiration from Home Security Advancements to Change the Commercial Security Industry

As a business owner the safety of your employees and company assets is your top priority. Physical security can be pricey and oftentimes ineffective in stopping, or even detering, a threat against your business. Installing a security system is a popular step business owners often take to protect their commercial buildings, but many security companies have outdated strategies that aren’t sufficient for enterprise application. If you’re looking to integrate an all-encompassing surveillance system into your commercial building, Verkada is the industry leader in security you should be checking out.

What is Verkada?

Verkada is a security company that’s innovating commercial surveillance solutions. They prioritize safety, simplicity, and reliability within their commercial security systems. Verkada offers businesses durable, dependable hardware and security cameras as well as a cloud-based software platform to promote connectivity and ease of use. The Verkada Command platform is a new application of the already trusted Verkada brand. The new features incorporated into the Verkada Command enterprise application include automation of tasks as well as real-time actionable insights. Verkada Command consolidates all of your security operations into a single platform, and they consistently offer software updates, so with Verkada Command you will always been receiving timely new features. The power of the Verkada Command makes traditional physical security options obsolete.

With several powerful investors like Meritech Capital, Sequoia Capital, and Next47 all backing the company, Verkada has become a leader in security solutions with enterprise applications. Verkada Command works to streamline incident response for your company. The interconnected features of Verkada Command make it effective in any use case, and it allows users to quickly respond to emergency incidents and contact law enforcement in real time. The valuation of your company assets and employees is immeasurable. For this reason, having a solid and dependable security system to ensure your company’s safety is priceless.

User-Friendly Interface

The simplicity of Verkada’s user interface and design makes integration into your company’s security seamless. Verkada Command’s alert system uses AI to promptly notifies your team of any meaningful movement and and unusual activity. You’ll no longer have to worry about pointless updates caused by unintelligent motion-activated cameras clogging up your system logs.

Verkada Command also offers high visibility to your team within their consolidated platform, so that all of your security needs for your company can be handled within a single sign-on. This means even from your startup phase as a company, Verkada can provide you with top-notch security solutions. Verkada Command’s single sign-in capabilities lets you create a login for your security team that encapsalates the entirety of the scalable surveillance system. From the startup of your company, training a team of security supervisors is made simple with Verkada Command, and a single sign-in will allow them to maneuver your building’s security in several different formats.

Cloud-Based Access Control

Verkada Command’s cloud-based access control builds off of the system’s single sign-in capabilities. The software platform lets security managers quickly and easily manage permissions throughout the company. Verkada Command’s high visibility allows your security team to easily determine threats and subsequently make decisions using Verkada’s access control features. They also offer a mobile app that, with a single sign-on, can act as a key card for your employees. Your security team can remotely manage digital door locks and assign access permissions.

Your team can also create and edit schedules for entry which allows for seamless and secure deliveries. With Verkada Command’s single sign-on, entry into your company’s buildings is fully controlled and at the descresion of your team. No one will be able to enter your place of business without the proper permissions and authorizations from your security team. The cloud empowers your security team, and it creates new possibilities for the safety and security of your business.

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