How Video Marketing Is Changing The Future Of Healthcare?

Reaching out to someone has never been easier. Technology has bridged the communication gap. In this COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare professionals and social scientists have been able to share information and keep evolving their strategies against the dreaded virus because of the internet.

You can leverage this power as well. Healthcare is a necessity. The healthcare industry has been successfully using the power of online marketing to connect with people. Therefore, the following reasons will tell you that for marketing, a YouTube video should have an intro before the main content, followed by a YouTube outro.

Interesting numbers in the video marketsphere for healthcare professionals

  • With 95% of internet users spending time on YouTube, there are about 3 billion health-related searches in a month on YouTube.
  • 87% of adults in the United States use the internet. 72% of these users say they have been on the internet looking for health-related information. Hence,  the audience is huge. People want to know and learn more about what kind of healthcare is available to them.
  • As per Google, 77% of users depend on a search engine to find information for their research on health issues.
  • 43% of visits to a hospital website originate through a search on a search engine, which translates into 22 million unique visits.
  • 54% of patients prefer videos over emails, newsletters or social media to gather information.
  • As per Google, 64% of patients watch videos to learn about hospitals and their services.
  • 56% watch videos to understand complex treatments and procedures.
  • If you are sending emails or newsletters, you’ll be surprised to know that including the word “video” in the subject line increases click-through rate by a whopping 65%.
  • The 35+ and 55+ age groups are the largest growing YouTubers.

Thus, online marketing is booming in every industry. Humans process visual information much faster than text and can remember it better than the information given through any other medium. People spend more time watching videos online than on television.

Whether you are an organized hospital, individual practitioner, or a healthcare professional, you need to reach out to your patients and educate them. If given a choice, nobody would want to visit hospitals or a doctor’s office. Everybody wants to lead a healthy life. As a healthcare professional, you are a facilitator in achieving this goal. You don’t want to invite a patient to a cold and unwelcoming environment. You want to humanize the whole experience for a patient.

Physically, it is impossible to find every patient and explain how you can take care of them. Yet, with videos, you can make them aware without intruding. Videos are the best way for you to communicate the humane aspect of healthcare. You can hire a professional to make these videos or make them in-house. You may need a video editor if you are creating these videos on your own. This leads to the question about the kind of videos you can create for the services you provide.

What videos to create to attract people to the healthcare services you offer?

Departments in your healthcare facility

Every hospital or clinic caters to different health problems people face. As treatment is getting specialized, there is a specific department for every disease. You want your patient to know the medical treatment available at your healthcare facility. You can make a video on every specialized department at your facility. This video could include stages of the disease and the treatments provided.

Hospitals have varied services and thus the respective departments. It would be so much easier for a patient to know which hospital or clinic to visit in a given situation. As a hospital, you may be providing acute services or have specialized departments. Each department will have its team of doctors and other healthcare professionals. A video on the department and the team that manages it can go a long way in assuring people that they are in good hands.

Healing stories of people

People connect with emotions. Another human might be facing the same problem that you have resolved.

A healthcare professional meets people from different walks of life and patients of varying age groups. A patient that might have visited you and is now cured may mirror someone’s situation in life. A patient who is now doing well can be at the center of the story. The doctors, nurses, and other staff who helped them in recovering can be introduced to your future patients.

How you restored normalcy for someone under extreme stress due to a disease will help patients build trust in you.

Infrastructure and facility

Healthcare is rarely inexpensive these days. Even though getting cured is the aim when visiting a hospital or doctor, a patient wants to know beforehand that their needs as a patient will be cared for. They wouldn’t be left guessing.

You have also taken care to build an infrastructure that is on par with the best and ensures maximum care for a person. It is built to ease the life of a suffering human. A video on the infrastructure and facility being offered will only reduce the stress and suffering of a person. It will educate them about the choices they have.

Staff at a hospital

People want to know their doctors and their credentials. A video on the doctors handling specific departments can introduce them to their prospective patients. You can include testimonials by patients treated by the doctor.

Including the support staff like the nurses, who take care of the patients, can let them know who they will meet at the organization. Becoming familiar with the people at the hospital can help break the ice, thereby making treatment easier. Video marketing can work as a communication channel between you and your patients.

Marketing your videos

There is a huge audience on social media. YouTube is a platform that has a massive number of subscribers.  Your channel on YouTube, a dedicated page on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can lead people to your website.

People are always connected on these platforms. Providing videos related to the content they want is the best way to reach them.

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