How You Can Protect Your Computer With A Web Application Scanner

Your computer can feel like one of the most important items that you own. You have a lot of important information on your computer- like your SSN, credit card information, purchasing habits, and bank statements. You also have intangibles on your computer that might not matter to anybody else, but are irreplaceable in your mind. Photos of your last family trip, videos from time with your friends, the playlist someone special made for you.

To keep your computer as safe as possible, use a web application scanner.

Why Is Web Application Scanning Important?

Web application scanning will look through a website’s coding and search for any viruses that might be hiding within the code itself. If there is a virus in a website’s coding, it doesn’t mean that the company or the owner of the website itself is trying to hack into your computer. Instead it means that the website itself has been compromised and has been accessed by a hacker.

The hacker could code their virus so that when you click on a certain item on the website, it gives the “virus” permission to enter your computer. From there, the hacker could take control of your computer and look at your files. This could be done with or without your knowledge. Depending on the kuyyyyy5i888yuthbg vind of virus that attacks your computer, in addition to stealing your private information, the virus could cause more destruction and begin to erase your important memories. Some viruses are so damaging that you would be unable to regain control of your computer unless you wiped the whole hard drive.

Many software companies have options to help protect your computer and provide a web application scanner. Click here to see a trusted software partner.

Why A SSL Certificate Won’t Protect Your Computer

Most business websites buy a SSL certificate. This is a special kind of protection the website acquires so that their site will have some additional protections. The SSL certificate is mainly required for websites where consumers will be entering in credit card information, but it also recommended for most businesses websites. If a business doesn’t have a SSL certificate, when a consumer lands on that page they’ll be notified that it “isn’t secure”. This can make it hard for a business to gain consumers’ trust.

However, there are different levels of SSL certificates and even they can have a virus slip through from time to time. The only way to 100% ensure that your computer will be safe from viruses is with the use of a web application scanner.

Web Application Scanners Are Automatic

A huge advantage of web application scanners is that most of them run automatically. This means that you won’t have to manually run your virus protection software everytime you navigate to a new website. You can use the internet worry-free as a result.

Your software will also update automatically. This means that your software will always be up-to-date to protect you from the latest web viruses.

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