Human Player vs Computer in Gaming

Have you ever noticed that your teammates, games you’re playing or even your opposing team, or even the game itself is seeming trickier, or easier than usual? Have you ever noticed if you’re playing against a human player, or a computer (bot)?

In today’s article, we take a look at the differences between a human player and a computer in gaming, in both video games and casino games.

What is a Human Player?

A human player is exactly what it sounds like. A human! A human player is just another person sitting at the other end of the table, computer, or game that you’re playing. This means that if you’re playing against another person, this is a true, real human being who is breathing and playing from another location around the world.

A good example of this would be real table poker. Poker is one of the biggest games where you are playing against another player and not a computer. Usually, these people have usernames, and a real bankroll and you’re playing against them for all the chips.

What is a Computer Player?

A computer player is simply an AI or bot that is playing instead of a human. When we talk about AI or a bot/robot, this means that someone has programmed a computer to play and mimic the actions of a real person, but autonomously.

In games, you may come across “bots” which are just short for robots. These robots are programmed to mimic a real player and may have difficulty setting depending on the game you’re playing. Some poker casinos do have this feature, however, it is frowned upon and they have to explicitly tell you if the players are not real.

Human Player vs a Computer in Casino Gaming

When you’re placing bets and winning in casinos, most of the time you are playing against a computer. This is because online casinos are built and programmed to aid the casino and to help you enjoy your time with online gambling.

One of the most well-known casino games that you will often see where you are playing against a human player is poker. In poker, you and several other people are sitting around a virtual table (or physical table if you play in person) and you are playing against each other. The dealer is simply there to draw cards and moderate the table and doesn’t take any money from themselves.

Some casinos such as Stake offer their versions of typical human-opposed games like poker or blackjack where you are playing against a computer, rather than a human for faster and more effective wagers.

These casinos have developed systems and games for you to play that mimic a normal player, but may give you the advantage. In poker, having an AI/Bot as an opposing player may not be the best idea, as they have no emotions and rely on mathematical equations to make plays, meaning you can’t bluff them as you would with a normal player.

Slot games, other than live, multi-user slot games are all computers, meaning you are playing against the computer or casino that you’re playing on at that time.

The Pros and Cons of Humans vs Computer

Although playing against a computer or human may have its advantages and disadvantages, there is no clear winner for the best way to play in a casino.


When playing with/against a computer there are a few advantages. Firstly, when placing bets against a computer, it is faster. There is no wait time or reaction time from the system because you’re able to place bets and in most cases get an instant outcome.

Another positive of playing against a computer is that there are no emotions. The computer or bot will not have any emotions and therefore will not take that into account when losing, or playing. For example, in poker – having no emotions means that you can fool the AI to fold a bluff which can give you the advantage over a hand.

Some cons of playing against a computer, however, are that it can feel very simulated. Playing games against computers can feel very simulated and repetitive. This means that when you’re playing, it can be boring and degrading to play against.

Another downside to this is emotions. As we’ve mentioned it is an advantage, but there is also a downside to this. Not playing against or with someone who has no emotions means that they take everything with an analytical approach, and not a fun or smart approach. This means poker can be tough, and other games can be boring if there is no fun from the opposing player.

Human Player

There are several advantages to playing against a human player too. A real player is someone who you can connect with. Although in most cases you won’t ever speak to the player again after the casino session, there is a level of mutual connection when playing against a real player, and reviewing their decisions within a game.

Not only this, but when playing against a human player, you’re not giving or taking a casino’s money, just the opposing player. This gives a sense of intelligence and can make your gambling experience a lot more immersive.

On the other hand, playing against a real player who is better at a game than you, such as poker, can make the game unenjoyable, and can result in you losing your money. This is not a great thing to do in a casino, as they’re there for entertainment, but we hope this never happens to you. If you want to understand more about real players in casinos, be sure to learn more here and understand the differences between human players and computers in gaming.


Overall, playing against a human player may give you more immersion into your casino experience, rather than playing against a computer. However – we hope this article has helped you understand the difference, as well as how you can enjoy yourself more when playing against both a human and a computer.

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