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Impress Clear Aligners or Traditional Braces: which is the Better Option?

Which is better, clear aligners or traditional braces? This is one of the most frequently asked questions in the world of orthodontics, but as is usually the case in most of these cases, the answer is not as simple as it seems, there are many advantages and disadvantages between traditional braces and clear aligners. 

This article explains the main advantages and disadvantages of traditional brackets and aligners, in order to find out which is the most effective treatment.

Why choose clear aligners?

The most outstanding advantage of clear aligners is obvious, as its name suggests, and that is that the aligners used in this revolutionary orthodontic treatment are completely transparent and allow the smile to remain aesthetically perfect. It is a treatment that is practically imperceptible to other people. 

But the advantages do not stop there, the option of being able to remove and put them on whenever you want, make them a comfortable and bearable option when it comes to eating and hygiene. In addition, it is not necessary to make as many regular visits to the orthodontist as with other orthodontic techniques, such as traditional braces. Another differential advantage is that the method is faster and you don’t spend so much time with dental treatment.

Traditional braces

There are two types of traditional brackets, metal or aesthetic. Aesthetic brackets fulfil the same function as metal brackets, but with the advantage that they go unnoticed, although not as unnoticed as clear aligners.

Traditional brackets, a treatment that uses metal brackets that are generally attached to a band or glued directly to the tooth, support the arch which is the active element of orthodontics and which causes “friction” so that the tooth takes its natural place in the mouth. It is the same procedure and technique for aesthetic brackets, but instead of being metallic, materials that go unnoticed to the human eye are used.

The main difference, which does not affect the treatment time or the objectives achieved, is the price, so it all depends on the patient’s need for a treatment that goes unnoticed or not.

These two highly sought-after treatments, both invisible orthodontics and braces, are two highly recommended choices. But, in the case of having a preference for not being visible, invisible orthodontics is much less noticeable than braces, so the patient feels more comfortable with the aesthetics achieved with aligners.

And if we had to choose a treatment based on comfort, we should also opt for aesthetic orthodontics because they can be removed and put back in again without any problem. But above all because they are easy to clean.

In most cases, both clear aligners and traditional orthodontics solve the same oral problems. Therefore, clear aligners are usually the most recommended treatment, as they provide a series of advantages, as we have already mentioned, and do not produce as many wounds as braces.

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