Inside the Verdant Canopy of Seven Leaves

Nestled amidst the thriving Sacramento cannabis ecosystem, Seven Leaves isn’t merely a name but a captivating tale of perseverance, transformation, and fervor. At the heart of this enterprise is the dynamic CEO and Co-Founder, Tyler Kearns. With an inviting demeanor, Kearns unraveled the riveting expedition that has come to define his brand.

Growing up in Humboldt County’s lush landscapes, Kearns was always in proximity to the mystique of cannabis. However, the world knew him as a master of construction and electrical work. Reflecting on those times, he said, “Back in the day, cannabis was the whispered word of our region, often accompanied by the threats of legal tangles and unpredictable consequences.” The 2008 recession, however, reshaped Kearns’ perspective, enabling him to see the parallels between his original trade and the burgeoning cannabis horizon.

Reflecting on the 15-year timeline, Kearns admitted, “The monumental stature of Seven Leaves today was not part of my initial blueprint. But, as time unfurled, it transformed into a collective dream, fueled by our incredible squad.”

Digital platforms, with their power to bridge and breach, have played a crucial role in Seven Leaves’ odyssey. Kearns mused, “Our digital community is a treasure. While online connections have their own magic, there’s an irreplaceable aura around face-to-face interactions.” Navigating the tricky waters of online backlash is also part of the game. On handling critiques, Kearns said, “We sift through the noise. Understanding whether it’s genuine feedback or a mere distraction is vital. The cannabis industry, in its nascent stages, has skeptics, but our mantra remains unaltered: prioritize quality, relationships, and progress.”

The narrative of Seven Leaves is as much about growth as it is about resilience. Kearns’ voice held a mix of emotion as he narrated their challenges. “From camping in Six Rivers Forest, wading through mold outbreaks and wildfires, to the blow of an almost million-dollar loss with Herbl Distribution Services’ downfall, our journey has been a testament to endurance.” But Seven Leaves sees adversity as an architect of ambition. “Our unwavering commitment to business and personal savings buoyed us through the turbulent times.”

However, the crescendo of Kearns’ story resonates with the voices of budtenders and customers. “Their faith in Seven Leaves,” he said, eyes gleaming, “is our most cherished accolade. It’s a daily nod to our core values.”

Peering into what lies ahead, Kearns dropped hints of exciting ventures: “Our next chapter involves a sprawling expansion, with sights set on licensing across select US states, Europe, and even the UK. Come Fall 2023, and the banner of Seven Leaves will wave in five more states.”

As our dialogue approached its finale, the enduring image was of Kearns’ deep-rooted gratitude. He spoke with pride, emphasizing their shared motto: “Our growth is anchored in our attentive ear to our patrons’ desires and feedback.”

From the heart of Humboldt’s green expanse to the bustling lanes of Sacramento, Seven Leaves stands as a beacon of determination, innovation, and passion. It’s more than a brand story; it’s the embodiment of the cannabis spirit.

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