Is a Touchless Attendance System a Worthy Investment?

Most businesses have switched to work from home setups as the spread of the virus continues across the globe. India had been under lockdown for more than five months, which is now opening in a phased manner.

With the steady re-opening of offices, a commonly used fingerprint attendance machine could pose an enormous risk to Coronavirus related safety measures. The surface of such an attendance system comes in contact with all employees, which can become a critical transmitter of the virus. However, time and attendance management is important since it ensures seamless and efficient operations.

It has made organizations explore advanced biometric attendance solutions that are touchless. Reliable brands like KENT offer Next-Gen Touchless Attendance Systems like CamAttendance that use AI-based face recognition technology to scan employees and mark their attendance. It is a faster and reliable system as compared to the fingerprint attendance machine since it is managed via a secure cloud application that stores all the employee records and their photos. All the data can be seamlessly integrated with existing HRMS.

Take a look at these benefits that make a touchless attendance system a worthy investment for any organization:

1. Cost Saving

There is no hardware and software investment with a cloud computing-based attendance system. Everything is secured on the internet, and you pay for what you need. Where other solutions require maintenance and installation chargers, with such a touchless cloud-based solution, you only pay a small monthly fee for the user license of each employee.

There is also a reduced risk of operating and implementing your in-house resources, such as having to employ external IT professionals to manage your time and attendance software.

2. Unmatched Speed and Accessibility

The first thing you’ll notice when using a touchless attendance system versus a fingerprint attendance machine is the unmatched speed and accessibility it offers.

The face recognition functions in a fraction of a second, while providing an accuracy rate of more than 99.9 percent. How does it work? Your employees just need to come & stand in front of the device. Subsequently, the attendance gets marked after the device captures the face and compares it with the faces of all employees’ photos to recognize the employee in a fraction of a second.

3. Advanced Mobile App

KENT CamAttendance supports remote attendance too with the help of a user-friendly mobile app that is available for both Android and iOS platforms. This cloud-based attendance management system supports face recognition as well as geo-fence for punching-in attendance through the mobile app. Employees can scan their face on the phone & their attendance gets recorded. It helps save time and increases work efficiency.

4. Ensure Safety

Advanced touchless devices also provide a mask detection feature. It is an inbuilt algorithm, which the company can enable or disable as per convenience. If the employee is wearing a mask and stands in front of the camera, the device first asks for the mask to be removed, and then their face is recognized for attendance.

If the employee is not wearing a mask, the system will first ask the employee to put it on owing to safety protocols. The attendance machine won’t take more steps if employees fail to do so.

When compared to fingerprint attendance machines, a touchless attendance system is a great solution for an organization, especially during the current Covid-19 pandemic.

Next-Gen Touchless Attendance System

Today, Human Resource departments are looking to replace fingerprint attendance machines to curtail the spread of Coronavirus. A touchless attendance system makes for the perfect addition to your company’s employee management system. Especially, if you consider it as a preventive measure to restrict the coronavirus transmission when employees return to the offices. Make your office a safer place both for employees and yourself alike. Call for a free demo and learn product specifications in detail.

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