Key Tech Innovations for Industry Success

Technology creates an outsized advantage for firms across industry lines. Small businesses and massive firms with a wide array of team members all rely on the additional force multiplier that can be achieved through the implementation of cutting edge tech integrations.

Utilize OKRs to create huge corporate momentum in a small business.

The OKR framework — or Objectives and Key Results — is a winner for corporate America and small business just the same. Utilizing an OKR software package is the best way to quickly integrate this decision making and goal setting paradigm into your strategy in a hurry. OKRs help power Google’s corporate productivity as well as countless other businesses of all sizes, and this should be a go-to solution in your tool belt as the CEO of your venture as well.

Beginning with a set of objectives that drive your business forward, OKRs help companies create a framework for a company-wide performance review in regards to discreet business segments and target expectations at all levels. It’s a tool for integrating best practices into your company’s approach. Objectives should provide your team with the overall direction, and meeting these goals should be both attainable and growth-inducing. To frame your objectives, you must create three to five key results per objective.

These key results signpost your achievements with live progress updates. These are measurable — Google OKRs use a scale from 0 to 1.0 in order to track them as percentages — and completion of around 70% of any given key result should be within the current ability. This means that every key result represents a stretch goal in some capacity and prompts your team to continue reaching for success beyond what they may have thought was possible. OKRs promote productivity and provide an incredible goal management window that can be evaluated in real-time for weaknesses in your firm’s structure or business model. This gives you the ability to make adjustments as soon as they are needed rather than waiting for quarterly evaluations to suggest structural weaknesses that must be addressed.

Maintain high-quality securitization protocols.

Rebuffing hackers is sadly a typical requirement of business these days. Maintaining a strong IT unit dedicated to data integrity, management, and security is a necessary component of any large or small business. Alternatively, you could outsource this data protection to a firm like MonsterCloud to protect your systems from breaches or Ransomware attacks that leave your employees locked out of their machines (for more on MonsterCloud check out MonsterCloud reviews).

Combatting malicious hackers is a job for industry professionals and doesn’t always fall within your overall business’ purview, especially for small businesses, who must focus all their energy on sales and marketing. Seeking out third party help in all of these data security matters is a great way to keep your eye on the ball while still taking care of your security needs.

A data breach could set you back months or knock you out of business altogether. A Ransomware attack is particularly nasty and can take over your PCs, leaving the data that you require to run your day to day operations unreachable. Being a good steward of the personal information and contact data that you collect from your clients means keeping your computers and physical files secure, so enlisting professional help to do so is always a great idea.

Technology has come a long way and makes business operations run far smoother than they ever have before. Integrating technological solutions into your daily routine can help streamline processes and create better data security that allows you to reach out to new prospective clients faster and sell your products easier.

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