Kickstarter Video Production: A Simple Guide

You may have heard of the Kickstarter video Production, and you may be wondering what it is, or maybe you wish to use it for your campaign or product. 

In simple wording, a Kickstarter video is a combination of a video in a style of a commercial, documentary, and a product launch. 

A Kickstarter video normally got created in a documentary style. However, now it’s transformed into a commercial type video where you let the viewers know why you are running the campaign, what you need the money for, and what is the future that you have thought of with that money. 

3 Steps to Creating a Kickstarter Video

There are three important yet basic steps that one has to remember when creating a Kickstarter video.

Step one: Having a fascinating creative script- You have to ensure that you do not bore your viewers and let the viewer know the benefits that they will get through the product. 

Step two: Give the Video a creative direction with product photography- Make it with pictures, showing a story of the product to go with your script, to catch the viewer’s attention from ears and eyes.  

Step 3: Advance editing and coloring techniques- Edit the Kickstarter video; so it’s clear, colorful, and bright. You would not want something dull and non-understandable.

Rules of a Kickstarter Video

If you plan to make a Kickstarter video, then you will have to remember the following few rules:

  • The most important rule is ensuring that it is not boring! You have to make sure that the audience will stay interested till the end. 
  • Don’t show a long whiny, crappy video. 
  • Sell your brand and listen to your intuition. 
  • Show viewers real things nothing fake 
  • Have a prototype that is functional before starting a launch 
  • Keep it concise. Don’t make it unnecessarily long unless needed. The longest a Kickstarter video can be is around 25 minutes or less and nothing more. 

Making a Kickstarter video first time

If you plan to make your first Kickstarter video and wish to make it right the first time, you need to research all you can before doing anything else. 

When we say to do your research, we mean that you look at other Kickstarter videos and see why they have succeeded and the way they produced their video.

This gets called benchmarking. It is a guaranteed method of achieving the results you want by looking through your industry and getting ideas and techniques from others. 

Creating an affordable Kickstarter Video Production

Who would not want to make a Kickstarter video production that is affordable?

The honest fact is that the prices of many professional creative content production domains are extreme. 

However, there is a five-step method to make an affordable Kickstarter video production. 

  1. Ensure the range set to film can get done in a day, 
  2. Use locations that will not cost you much
  3. Ensure you work with the best camera equipment available, as this is something that one can not sacrifice on and it’s a one-time investment.
  4. Ensure real artists are operating your camera equipment to make the best photograph or video in one take.
  5. Be efficient and connected t the people that edit the video for you, as you would not want to get overcharged during the editing. 

Following these five simple steps can save you money and help you make an affordable Kickstarter Video Production. 

Final Thoughts

A Kickstarter video should cover the main points of the brand with the viewers and the advantages it will have for them. It should be better than your competitors. Therefore, always do a thorough research of what they are doing and how you can do it better. Once made, ensure the color, music, and script all go together, and that is how you get a Kickstarter video production done!

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