Laptop connected to WiFi but no internet connection:

It is a very confusing situation when the laptop is connected to the WiFi but no internet connection. It may be happening due to any issues in your router or operating system’s settings.

a- Issue in the router: If there is no internet connection on all the devices connected to the same modem, then it’s the router’s issue. Must check the ADSL cable, maybe it is damaged or twisted.

b- Issue in the adapter of your laptop: If only your laptop is not connecting to the WiFi, then the issue is in the laptop’s wireless adapter. For refreshing the IP tables and reloading configuration files, turn off the laptop and router. Wait for 30 seconds then restart the router and laptop. If the issue is still there then, follow the below suggestions.

1- Check the router: Before doing anything, check the router. Maybe there is no issue with the connected devices but it’s the router creating the problem. See whether the green light of WAN is blinking or not. If it is

totally off or continuously on then, it’s something wrong with it. Call the customer care service of ISP to resolve the error.

2- Security apps: The security apps like antivirus and malware sometimes cause this error. By disabling them, you can find out whether it was the one, creating the mess. Go through a thorough scan to make sure your laptop is safe now.

3- DNS cache issue: It’s maybe the DNS cache making the conflict of having wireless connection but no internet connection. To overcome this trouble, flush the DNS. to do so, type “cmd” in the start menu. The command prompt will appear, type “ipconfig /flushdns” here and get rid of DNS.

4- IP address conflict: Connect your laptop to your mobile hotspot. This way you can find out whether the laptop can connect to other wireless connections or not? The IP address is probably creating this error. Change the IP settings in the windows, may it work.

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