Latest Bathroom Tech Innovations

The bathroom is now more than just a way to answer the call of nature. Today, you can upgrade some of the fixtures to make it more advanced and provide a better experience.

When calling in the experts at Superior Bath Repair, consider the following upgrades:


Innovation in toilets include automatic water spritzing so you won’t have to use toilet paper (or your hands for that matter), seat warmers for better comfort and motion sensor for auto flushing and lid closing. There are even a few ones that clean themselves on a regular basis.

This means that most manual tasks will be left to devices and you’ll just have to do your business. You won’t have to be cold and save the environment by using less paper in the process.


A run in the bathtub is no longer limited to quick showers and the like. You can relax and enjoy mood-enhancing lights for added therapy, control the temperature of the water with just a press of the button and maintain it so you won’t have to constantly make it hot or cold.

You can get the same options for walk-in showers as well, including air jets, an electronic control panel, temperature and chromatherapy. If saving water is your top priority, then get ones that have higher pressure ratings and use less water.


Installing an infrared sensor means you won’t have to touch the lever or waste water while brushing your teeth. Or, you can set the timer for the activity, e.g., 2 minutes for brushing, 5 for shaving and others. The less water you waste the more sustainable your home becomes.


Mood lighting can change the way how you enjoy your bathroom. Put it on soft lights at the end of the day and get into the tub for a well-deserved relaxation. Install a screen so you can watch Netflix and other streaming services. The possibilities are virtually endless!

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