Lead Generation Philippines

Sales is one of the most competitive environments to work in professionally. It is not easy; you have to be able to handle constant rejection and curveballs on the road to win new business for your company. Statistics vary from industry to industry, and honestly, from company to company. That said, according to Propeller, the average close rate is 19%.

Think about that for a second. That means that on average, over 80% of the time, your offer receives a “no” from your leads. What separates the elite salespeople from the good ones is a set of skills that really comes down to doing the little things right. One of these things is lead generation.

Leads are the bloodline of your sales team, and quality leads are worth their weight in gold. Quality leads are also tied to another one of the important skills of the elite in the sales world. Good salespeople are most protective of their time as an asset. Poor leads drive down closing rates, and they waste salespeople’s time. The best salespeople understand the value of building a strong pipeline that they can sell to.

So, this is logical enough, but here is the kicker. Quality leads are costly, both in terms of money and time ­– two things that are a big focus of everyone in your sales team. 

This catch-22 is the reason that lead generation outsourcing to the Philippines has become a preferred choice for sales organizations around the world. Sales is a process that is typically made up of between five to seven steps. Many organizations have shifted to a strategy of assigning specialized teams to handle these different stages.

Lead generation is typically in the prospecting and qualifying part of the sales process. This stage is the perfect fit for outsourcing as it requires an experienced and dedicated team in order to do it correctly. As mentioned earlier, most of these leads that are generated will not close and become sales. For this reason, you don’t just need to create qualified leads; you need to generate a good number of them.

Lead generation is best done by combining every method at your disposal so that you can create a vast amount of diversified leads that your sales team needs. This requires a lot of work and time dedicated to the task, so that demands a dedicated team to execute it. 

When it comes to outsourcing lead generation, there is no better place to look than the Philippines. Filipinos have built the best and highest-quality lead generation outsourcing industry in the world. 

We’ve used the word “dedicated” several times in this article so far, and it again speaks to the quality of the Philippine call center industry and why it is such a great partner. As we talked about earlier, leads need to be qualified and warmed up at the top of your sales funnel. Leads with more contact are far more likely to close than leads that are just reached out to in one-off scenario. 

Lead generation outsourcing providers such as PITON-Global in the Philippines use a variety of lead nurturing methods to warm leads and improve their chances of closing. Filipinos’ superior linguistic and communication skills give them a leg up as your outsourced partner. Also, they are home to ultra-modern call center facilities, which support them in their quest to make constant contact with leads before they are qualified and ready to be passed to your sales team. 

Most companies agree that generating quality leads is both the most important task for their sales team and the most challenging. Outsourcing saves you money and time, but you have to be very careful that it doesn’t cost you the number of quality leads you have in your pipeline. The Philippine contact center outsourcing industry provides you with proven, dedicated, and high-quality lead generation services. Taking this step will help you outperform your competition. Lead generation outsourcing to the Philippines is here to stay and just keeps on getting better.

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