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Learn Quran for kids

Prophet Muhammad SAWW stated,The best of you are those who learn the Quran and teach it to others.To be among the best of the people, we all need to strive to learn Quran and make it easy for our kids to learn it too.

Being parents we are responsible to create an opportunity of learning Quran for kids effectively and efficiently

Here, I am going to pen down 10 practical tips to learn Quran for kids that are super easy and effective.

1- Hire a Professional kids Quran Tutor.

To master the skill of Quran learning, it is mandatory to hire a professional Quran tutor who would help and guide you through this divine journey by making the tasks easy, enjoyable, and easily understandable.

One can not deny the importance of a teacher in the process of learning as our beloved Prophet SAWW was also sent as a teacher.

The qualified Quran teacher will set up a customized schedule by making it age-appropriate for you.

2- Start From the Basics to Learn to Read Quran.

The second helpful tip to make Quran classes effective for kids is to start from the basics. As we all are aware of the fact that no one can attain perfection until starting from the roots and then proceeding level by level.

The kids need to learn Noorani Qaida online in order to learn the basics of the Arabic language and it holds utmost importance especially for non-Arabs who struggle with the new language pronunciation.

3- Take out Special time for Learning Quran.

Quran teaching for kids should not be taken for granted. The parents need to invest in the best and special time in which they think their kids can focus better than any other time of the day.

The more you take out the time, the better the result will be, and don’t forget about the rewards that are waiting for you.

Prophet Muhammad SAWW stated that,

“Verily the one who recites the Qur’an beautifully, smoothly, and precisely, he will be in the company of the noble and obedient angels. And as for the one who recites with difficulty, stammering or stumbling through its verses, then he will have twice that reward.”

Don’t forget to revive your intentions daily to give a strong boost to your learning. Only then, you would be able to help your child learn Arabic to understand the Quran.

4- Try Different Methods to Teach Quran to kids.

To break the monotony of the lesson, the teacher will definitely introduce new techniques and methods to make the lesson effective.

There are innumerable methods to teach in online Quran classes for kids. Some of them are listed here for the ease of the parents. ➔ audio/video snippets

➔ Activity-based learning

➔ Repetition of the lesson

➔ Walk and learn

➔ Colouring

➔ games

5- Motivation and dedication in Quran online for kids.

Without the urge to learn, no one can find the real key to success. You need to stay motivated and dedicated towards your intentions, plans, and goals.

Kids cannot stay motivated and dedicated until they are supported by the externals. The online Quran teacher and the parents can help in this regard by devising different strategies of learning and telling about the uncountable rewards that await the learners.

6- Set Short Goals to Learn to Read Quran for kids.

If you are planning to learn to read Quran, the other effective tip is to set short and attainable goals for your kids.

Keep the fact in mind that not all the kids have the same ability, patience, and intelligence to cope with the subject.

Every student is different! So, set tiny goals like a word or two, or a line or two, depending upon the pace of your child, and then slowly and gradually keep moving.

Quality matters more than quantity!

7- Help your Kids Keep Revising Quran Lessons.

The most practical tip comes here! Keep revising what you have already learned. As the words of our beloved Prophet SAWW state,

“The example of someone who knows the Quran is that of a hobbled camel. If he attends to it, it stays with him. If he lets it go, it escapes”. Sahih Al-Bukhari

So, let your kids revise whatever they are learning. Whether in their salah, leisure time, or before going to sleep.

The more the revision, the better the lesson.

8- Manage the Time of Quran Lessons for kids Efficiently.

This tip will surely help you manage your daily household and social tasks along with the Quran lesson for kids.

It is not necessary to keep kids involved in the learning process all day long. Give them a break, play with them, let them enjoy their time, focus on other study-based tasks, and learn the Quran happily.

The more you efficiently manage the time for Quran learning, the more visible the quality of learning.

9- Apply Rules of Quran Lessons Perfectly.

Once your kids have learned the rules of Tajweed, motivate them to apply perfectly with intonation. The more they will beautify their voices, the better their Quran learning and recitation would be.

Not only will the hired teacher keep a check on the application of the rules, but the parents too have this responsibility on their shoulders to keep checking every now and then.

This tip is helpful for both the kids and the adults.

10- Take Tests to Check the Progress.

Don’t leave the Quran learning process of kids without evaluation and tests. Here is another tip to make learning Quran effective for kids.

You can assess their learning orally, or in the written form. Through games or questions. Through quizzes or hints. Whatever suits you the most, go for it and check what your kids have learned.

Now comes the time for a bonus tip. Learn whatever your kid is learning. Only then you will realize how hard or easy it is for your kids. Whether they are on Qaida or memorizing any Surah, be their partners and help each other achieve the goal.


Bringing the crux forth, I highly recommend the readers out there to apply all or any of the above-mentioned tips to learn Quran for kids and beaming the blessed ones who strive hard to please Allah SWT.

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