Marquee Signs – Do’s and Don’ts

Marquee signs are the perfect choice for changing messages and information that needs to be relayed to the audiences. These are particularly used by churches, schools, etc. This is a cost-effective way through which advertisements can be made without spending money each time. These signs are usually placed in heavy traffic areas to get the most out of the advertisements. If the local church is having a fundraiser for a needy family or the school has to announce its spring break, this is the perfect way to spread the word. Every person crossing the road will get the message and hence spread it as well. However, there are some do’s and don’ts when it comes to these Marquee signs, and this article will highlight them.

Marquee Signs - Do's and Don'ts


Consider the Perfect Size

The location of the placement will decide what the size of the marquee sign should be. If it is to be placed alongside the highways, it should be big. But if it is being placed at the entrance of the church or a school, then the size will be significantly reduced.

Ensure the Prime Location

The location of the sign will ensure how many people view it. For advertisement, the first thing to take care of is viewership. If a sign is placed alongside a highway, it will get thousands of views every day, and hence the turnover will be higher as well.

The Sign Should be Well lit up

The sign should ideally be an electronic one so when it gets dark, it can be lit up. Many people ignore this, but this can cost you your entire advertisement campaign. Electronic signs can get the attention of people way easier than ordinary signs. The use of fluorescent light can be a game-changer.


Overcomplicated Message

Make sure that the message is simple and not complicated. When a marquee sign is up, thousands of people read it every day; some might be well-educated while others might not be. It is to make sure that all the population gets your message. If a lot of complicated and industry-specific words are used, then the reach of your advertisement will be very low.

Poor Grammar

The content should be free of any grammar mistakes; make sure you hire a person to proofread what needs to be written over the marquee sign. A small mistake can waste all your efforts.

Stay Away from Controversies

Your marquee sign should not indicate any negative message, and neither should you indulge in any negative branding. Simply concentrate on getting your brand message out and let the people decide for themselves. Things can very easily blow out of proportion, and before you know it, you could be part of negative propaganda.

Advertisement, if done right, can get a lot of attention to your brand. Marquee signs do not require a lot of attention but are a very effective way of promoting your business. A number of companies customize marquee signs with different features that can maximize your business reach.

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