Math quiz: how to prepare and keep your sanity

High school and college students know firsthand what a math test is. The mere mention of this ominous event strikes fear into the unprepared. Whoo-hoo!

Come on, instead of dreading the test and hiding under the table at the mention of it, it is better to pull yourself together, get psyched up, and prepare for it. Here are some useful tips that may save your life in this merciless math battle.

The test is not due yet, so you can relax!

No, you can’t.

As obvious as it may sound, the fact remains that it is almost impossible to pass a math test without preparation (unless you are a wunderkind). And to prepare in one night is suicide. There is only one option: to prepare in advance.

Work hard in every class, and do your homework diligently – math is something you need to have in your head all the time to keep your brain sharp.

Also, be careful in class, because often teachers will say something like, “This is the kind of problem you’re going to have on the test. Make a note to yourself, so that you know which tasks you should focus on. Moreover, sometimes the teacher can tell you in advance when there will be a test. So stop looking out the window and hoping for the last night before the test – you need to do everything in advance.

Do not forget about the theory

To understand mathematics (especially higher) and learn to solve problems without knowing the theory at all is unreal. So you need to learn theorems and memorize formulas in time.

If you always poorly grasp theoretical material (it happens, this is normal), try other methods of remembering information: cards, tables, charts, and so on.

Do it!

Everything needs practice, especially math.

In the classroom, memorize the way you solve this or that problem, and write down the solution in detail in your notebook. And then solve the problems yourself – the more typical problems you solve, the better you will hone your solution algorithm, and you will be ready for any force majeure situations on the test.

Don’t be shy to ask for help.

If you can’t work out a problem by yourself, ask your teacher for help. Not only school teachers, but even university professors, at the sight of an interested student are happy to help.

Another option that helped me to do my economics homework – books in a bookstore. But use it only as a little help and for self-checking. If you cheat off of it, it won’t do you any good.

Distribute the load

In order not to burn out during preparation, you must correctly distribute the time and workload.

The easiest option – write down all the topics that will be on the test, and pick up the examples and problems from the textbook. With such a list it will be easier to prepare.

And, yes, solve, solve and solve again.

The test is tomorrow. What to do?

Be sure to review all of your notebooks, in which you solve problems. It wouldn’t hurt to go over the theory. It is unlikely it will save you if you have not prepared before (what we try to memorize hastily, very quickly erased from memory because of the peculiarities of neural connections). But if you have been preparing – just refresh your memory of the important points.

Before the test, get a good night’s sleep, and most importantly – do not be nervous. Stress is difficult to control, so if you come to the test with shaking knees, you can easily “fail” even on the simplest tasks. Remember that the end of the world will not come if you do not pass one test. You can retake it, but you can’t get your nerves back.

I’m already on the test. What do I do?

Stay focused, conquer your anxiety, and follow our advice:

  • Properly organize your workplace so that everything you need is at your fingertips – you need to focus on the assignments now.
  • Don’t be distracted by your classmates/groupmates.
  • Solve simple tasks in the draft first, and only then proceed to the more difficult ones.
  • Write down the solution in as much detail as possible.
  • Double-check the solution before transferring it to the rough draft.
  • Do not worry if you haven’t solved some problem – remember, this is not the end of the world.

In short, don’t let it go to waste – prepare for tests in advance, practice more, pump your brain and think that good grades are in your pocket.

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